When times get tough, the tough, go shopping! :)

With the help of a very nice woman who sent me a $40, Publix Gift card. And I was so looking forward to going yesterday, but the serpentine belt that runs the car , shredded on my husband yesterday 😦 leaving us without a car overnight.

It was parked in a parking lot three miles from home. The neighbor, took my husband to the parts store last night and thankfully my husband made enough yesterday to purchase the replacement belt.

This morning my husband left on foot to go remedy the car trouble. A few hours later, he called to tell me it was running again.

Whew! I am grateful because my husband IS NOT a mechanic.

My husband was also quick to remind me that it could have been much worse, I had to agree and thanked my lucky stars ( God, actually) that I wasn’t alone in the car or we were not miles from home when it happened.

So any way my husband came home and picked me up and I dropped him back off at the store and went shopping.

It felt so good to get out of the house for awhile.

So what does one buy with the benefit of a ‘gift’ card ?

Steak, seafood, a lovely bottle of wine, beer, cigarettes ? NO!

The first time through the check out line……

I bought chicken thighs, a lb of hamburger, 2 cans of Chunky soup, a large can of raviolis, parmesan cheese, yellow rice, instant mashed potatoes, canned peas, a half a gallon of milk, a package of bologna, a dozen eggs and two cans of cat food.

The second time through the line …

I took advantage of a BOGO, and was able to get a six pack of pepsi, a six pack of mountain dew, a small bag of sugar and a $2.99 Cuban sandwich for my husband’s lunch.

There was .91 cents left on the card when I left the store. 🙂

I am sure we will have to pick up a few things but that will feed us for four days, allowing us to spend the little money we are making on other essentials.

Again, thank you KW. 🙂

$20.00 Donation via Pay Pal

Last week Melissa donated $20.00 to us, via our paypal account . It’s a very convenient way to help someone. All you need is receiver’s email address if they have a pay pal account.

I used this donation to buy pet food at Dollar General with PayPal’s new ANYWHERE program which allows purchases at select stores which includes Dollar General. It works sort of like a debit card at the register.

It takes about 10 days to get the payment card, but once you get set up you can make purchases ( even before you get the card) with your cell number and a pass code. It’s really easy and there are no hidden fees.

Thank you so much Melissa. The kitties in particular thank you very much. 🙂

Quote about Past & New Beginnings


‘Your past does not define you. We’re all entitled to a new beginning’ ~ Unknown

Oddly, any ‘past’ I might have had WAS what seems a life time ago. But I have always felt that I was the poster child for change, but in the midst of my present chaos, I tend to forget. Feel RESPONSIBLE somehow which doesn’t help matters. Anyway, I like this and I needed to read this today.

Image & Quote : CherylRichardson.com

By Comparison, a good weekend


Yes, it was a GOOD weekend.

So far, the final 24-hour Notice to Vacate has not appeared. So my husband goes down to the thrift store every day in hopes of liquidating just a little more of the USED merchandise.

Because we can’t afford to move it or store it for safe keeping. 😦

On Saturday, he sold several lamps (in a lot) for a total of $20. He was also able to sell a used recliner.

Translated, this means that after buying those pesky daily incidentals ( that we used to take for granted ) and putting $10 in the gas tank, he still had $25.00 when he came home Saturday afternoon.

Whooooooohoooooooooooo! I was ecstatic at the prospect of finally being able to do laundry, and I kid you not.

It had been weeks and everything in the house is dirty.

So on Sunday mornning, we loaded up two laundry baskets and headed for the laundromat around the corner from our home.

We filled one of those mega, front loading machines, and did two regular sized loads besides.

And yep that still left several more loads at home to be done but we were grateful that we could do as much as we did.

At the risk of sounding like a whiner face. It sucks not to be able to leave the house, for lack of clean clothes. it had gotten that bad as I have said before.

Most people, can’t imagine… I know I couldn’t before we fell on hard times. But, I think that is part of the problem.

So after we did the laundry, I went back out and was able to buy Sunday’s dinner with what was left.

There was $3.30 left for my husband to start the day with today, which is almost to the penny, where we were last week.

I tell you all this because, this is a vicious cycle of sorts and without help, it’s VERY hard to get out of.

We still have no idea how we are going to get some of the bills paid.

But baby steps, I guess. Today, we have clean laundry.

Have a GREAT Monday!

~ God Bless

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