Going out of Business!

It has been a really bad week for us. Yesterday the worst day yet I think in all these months as my husband came home with the same dollar he started with yesterday morning and if not for the change laying about, we wouldn’t have eaten last night.

BUT we did, so thank you God! We had had tomato soup and tuna & egg sandwiches which used up the last two eggs and the bread. We also used up the rest of the pet food last night.

I took inventory this morning. There’s a package of lipton soup mix, a box of hamburger helper, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and a package of ramen noodles.

For human consumption, that’s essentially it!

For the pets, I found a frozen container of chicken livers in the back of the freezer. I have to check to see if they would still be good after six months. But if they are, that’s breakfast for them.

I can and will do without until later.

I never in a million years, ever thought it would get this bad, but it has.

This is all weighing heavy on my husband’s conscience because every day for more than six months , he has opened the thrift store but the eviction now has pretty much played itself out, and he could get served any minute now with the final notice to vacate, before getting locked out. The power was shut off on Friday. The rain has kept customers away.

I finally put an ad up on Craigslist, essentially declaring our defeat with a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sale this week.

With any luck this will bring in the business that has slowed to almost nothing in the last few weeks.

Perhaps this will afford us to pay a few bills, and get a storage unit for the rest of the merchandise.

But after we close our doors, what then? Will a new door open? Time will tell, I guess.

All I know, is it wasn’t supposed to end this way!

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