Prayer is good but …


“Prayer is good, but when baked potatoes and milk are needed, prayer will not supply their place.” ~ Brigham Young

I found this quote the other day while blogging about and it has a lot of meaning to me.

Yes I am a BELIEVER in the Almighty, I also PRAY as much for others as I do for myself. I have seen too many miracles in this life NOT to BELIEVE , and I am not just talking about those small, every day GARDEN VARIETY miracles, but some pretty amazing things that could only have come from the BIG GUY. On the other hand, I’ve seen horrible things happen to the most WORTHY souls on the planet. And yeah, I question those things I think as much as anyone else.

But I am getting off track here. The reason this quote has a lot of meaning to me is that I have certain family members who think prayer is the answer to life’s every problem.

I don’t have food.

I am about to lose my home.

” Oh keep your chin up, you are in our prayers.”
” I will pray for you ” ” Etc. Etc. Etc…”

And Without lifting a finger to help! It’s like saying I love you without meaning it. Incredibly trite. Absolutely no meaning. Sorry, and God forgive me, but I have issue with that. I bet you HE has issue with it too.

What do you think God is going to do? Stick a check in the mail?

God puts people out there to do his works.

Furthermore, if I was to let myself be totally dependent on their prayers, I would have perished a long time ago. or at the very least, be living in a cardboard box somewhere.

And what makes them think that God will listen to them anymore than he will listen to me?

What makes them so special?

He’s really BUSY ya know! Depending on all humanity to do the right thing. Sucks but we are failing miserably.

Some of them are actually confident, that they have this thing ALL figured out AND that the Kingdom of God, excludes me somehow.

Anyone else with me?

Yes, this quote is fast becoming a favorite!

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