2:16 pm, Friday. Still guarding the power meter! Update


So here I am, on a glorious Friday afternoon and I’m waiting for my lights to get shut off. Tho’ I believe I remember hearing that they don’t do shut-offs on Friday afternoon. I only wish I could be sure. But I heard it somewhere, either in the last 18 months because I have called them plenty, or it could have been the water company. I have called them too. Or maybe it was when I worked in prop. mgmt when I had 100 meters to shepherd. Dunno. But it is a small miracle that I might indulge myself in this afternoon. 🙂 ~ C

If you are willing and financially able to help with this bill of $145.61 ( or any portion of it) it can be paid directly to the service provider.

If you would like to help me, by paying this bill, please email me ASAP at allbuthomeless@gmail.com And I will gladly provide you with account information and the customer service number for Duke Energy ( formally Progress-Energy ) .

Alternatively, if by chance I’m DISCONNECTED, you can call Lance Greene at:

Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545

He has my e-bill, and can provide you with the same information.

Thank you ONCE again.

Anything you can possibly do is greatly appreciated!

Friday thoughts from the resident philosopher

‘Do it from the heart or not at all’ ~ Unknown
Yes, even I have trouble with this, in my worldly understanding. And probably shooting myself in the foot in my own fundraising effort by posting, still I feel strongly enough about this that I need to share my thoughts.

Noone wants to be hurt, used, deceived. Right?

Society tells us to get all the facts, before making any rash decisions in this game called LIFE ( financial or otherwise) .

I get this too, having worked for nearly a decade in the very cynical, capitalistic world of property management. It’s one of the reasons I left it. I didn’t like the person I was becoming. Dare, I say, cold, calculating , indifferent when it came to dealing with the needs of others. It hardened me somehow and I didn’t much like it!

But alas, I didn’t act on that knowledge soon enough it would seem and I have suffered the consequences.

Yes, I still believe that there is something DIVINE in all of this, inspite of the hardships we have faced for a solid 18 months.

For the sake of brevity, I leave you with this thought.

IF you find yourself considering the offer of help ( to us, or anyone else ) I urge you to just listen to that spirit, and just do it, and do it as soon as you are able . Waiting is counter productive, especially for the one in need and waiting.

If you have to overthink the deed , analyze, speculate or procrastinate or even doubt despite your ability to make a difference , you probably shouldn’t do it. Because, certainly if it causes you angst, you will find no satisfaction in your generosity .

Psssst. We still need help here. We started the day with $32. The problem IS we need a minimum of $325.00 to survive the day with our lights on and the promise of a roof over our head. I thought I has some of this dealt with but AGAIN, our hopes were dashed this morning. Not your problem, granted!

But again, this is a fundraiser. I have been nothing but brutally honest and upfront with the details of our situation.

If you desire and are able to help , please do! Our needs are genuine!

Thanks for listening and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

God Bless

PS, I will do my best to keep all informed about our power situation.

Disconnect UPDATE! 11:58 am, Thursday


Well for the moment I am still here. spoke to Duke Energy ( Formally Progress Energy) this morning, and all they will tell me at this point is NOTHING, other than my lights will be shut off without payment. PERIOD, end of story..

IF I stop posting today , it’s because my power got shut off. I DID’NT fall off the face of the earth, or didn’t abandon this blog or this fundraising effort . BUT I am that much more invisible and handicapped with no means of communication.

If my power gets shut off it means MY SITUATION just got ten times worse AND that within a few hours, temperatures inside my home will reach 100 degrees or more with no possible airflow . BECAUSE the former owner, out of fear of her safety, apparently had all the windows bolted shut. Well it’s an older mobile home and things have settled a bit. We haven’t removed the bolts out of fear of breaking windows. 😦

it will also mean, no phone or refrigeration.

I am a little nauseous at the moment, just thinking about it.

If, my power gets shut off, It will cost more money to get it restored. And that amount will almost double in a few days!

SO you SEE, I need you NOW more than EVER! You, and a little divine intervention.

PLEASE PARDON my REDUNDANCY HERE. But this is a BAD situation.

If you can HELP please I beg you to call ( or text) Lance Greene at Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545


He has my e-bill, contact information for the power company and an emergency contact # for me.

He said he would be glad to walk anyone thru the by phone payment process.

YOu can also email me for this information, but as of now I don’t know how long I can access my email. NO POWER, PUTER, NO COMMUNICATION! 😦

Paying the power company directly is EASY! And you have the comfort in knowing that the payment ( OR ANY portion of the payment) was made directly to them and that your payment is SECURE.

Alternatively, you can also visit my donations pagefor other ways to help.

Thanks for all you have done, and all you might be able to do!

Sorry, I am scared at the moment and just waiting .

~ C

DISCONNECT Imminent without pmt, but OVERWHELMED and THANKFUL!


Yes. Electric Bill remains UNPAID this morning and disconnection of service is imminent without payment. If service is disconnected, it will only exacerbate an already difficult situation. AND YES, I am reaching OUT here. We really need your assistance this morning otherwise we won’t have power later, phone, internet service, refrigeration, etc…

If anyone would like to pay this bill, the balance remaining is right at $100. We have the other $45. You can pay this or any portion of this directly to the service provider. If you can do this please email me ASAP or call Lance .

Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545

He has my e-bill, and has all the information you need to pay this ( OR ANY PORTION OF IT)

Haa! Feel like I am writing my last will and testament here.

But wanted to take a moment to thank you all, for the blogging camaraderie, the kinds words of support, for the gifts and contributions, for EVERYTHING! The response has been so amazing!

SPECIAL thanks to the following for not only caring enough to step up, BUT for acting, by helping to share our story, each in their unique and wonderful way.

Each one a BLESSING!

Lance at Straight Ahead ( Taking Back your Life, Inc )

Mishunderstood – for your kindness, friendship, generosity and unwavering support.

Dee Dee – for setting up our dedicated Facebook Page. Love you DeeDee!

Kira for your friendship, generosity support and reblogging of Mish’s story about us.

PLEASE VISIT their LINKS, to show your support!

Above all, thanks for getting me and believing in us! 🙂

STRESSED, and at a BREAKING POINT, but AWESTRUCK and THANKFUL for all the support!~ C


Guarding the Electric Meter (Updated 11:40 pm Eastern Time)

Update 11:40 pm EST : For now, we still have power. Tomorrow IS another story.



As if I could actually stop them if/when they show up to disconnect service. As of this morning, The order had not been picked up yet, whatever that means, but it’s there and looming. So today, I sit, I wait, I listen for the sound of a heavy truck. The sounds of heavy trucks are everywhere and send me in to panic every time I hear one. It rained today . A double edge sword. It’s really bad for business and hubby is home early armed with a few provisions , but the rain also keeps the wolves away from my electric meter is my best guess. The later it gets in the day, I’m told, the better chance that it remains on for the night . If not today, then tomorrow. This much I am sure of. On edge, and of course, this is where they want me. I am so tired of this.


Update 11:40 pm EST : For now, we still have power. Tomorrow IS another story.

IF if anyone would like to help us pay this BILL, or contribute to this bill.

PLEASE call….

Lance Greene/Founder
Straight Ahead Outreach Inc.

I have given him ALL PERTINENT Progress Energy account info and we will be able to provide you with this information IF I can’t. If my pwer gets shut off I will not have a phone or access to email 😦 .

I am certain I will be able to post early in the morning.

Thanks to AlL for LIKING, FOLLOWING and SHARING our story.

For now, I have to close my eyes. I am stressed and a horrible headache is setting in.

God Bless –

~ C