Lots to be thankful for today…


And a few worthy mentions.

First and foremost, I thank Terrie . Terrie is my first love’s, little sister. We’ve known eachother since we were kids. Although I was a few years older than Terrie. She helped me share my GOFundME link on her Facebook page. We know many of the same people from our youth but don’t travel in the same circles anymore. Anyway she did so without question or judgement. I LOVE you Terrie!

Thank you J.P also old friend who donated $50 today. Thank you for contributing to our cause! And always for your kind words.

Others to thank include volcanosunset and kira who followed me over from another blog!

Lance too! I don’t wanna forget you buddy! You have been so helpful with your suggestions and encouragement!

Not to mention those who sent me nice emails today!

Thank you so ALL so much for your kind support!

I am TRULY in awe!

~ C

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