Fri-day ( late and dollars short) an update!


It’s been an interesting week. All this adventure. WHEW! Which is exactly what my husband promised me when we married. ❤ .

Still we have managed to earn ( on our own ) about $150 to give to our mortgage holder towards what we had promised which was an entire mortgage payment of $ 431.87. Leaving a deficit of $281.87.

So today began with an email to the mortgage holder , stating that fact, and I have yet to hear back.

I 'm guessing she will probably accept it but I can't be sure.

It would be GREAT, to be able to add to that by days end.

As of now, still no sign of FINAL vacate notice at the store OR no changes in public record concerning this eviction so that pretty much guarantees a few more days in our favor!

If you can help, please visit our donate page in the red tabs section across the top of the blog.

If you can do nothing else, thanks for LIKING, FOLLOWING, and SHARING as ALWAYS.

I’ll keep you updated as I know more!

Thanks AGAIN ~ C

7 responses to “Fri-day ( late and dollars short) an update!

  1. Donated 15 dollars, I am so sorry it could not be more, I am praying that you guys recover from your financial troubles soon. Remember that God will provide, keep praying and have faith friend xx

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  4. I have read your story and it moved me. I genuinely wish you luck and hope that one day your hard work pays off. I think we have to believe that things will get better otherwise what is there to believe in?

    • THis is so true. And thank you so much for your kind words. This IS the HARDEST ‘job’ I have ever had. 🙂
      But I am certainly learning about myself and people in general! MOST are definitely, I believe. Again Thanks…… 🙂

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