Today, I’m feeling hopeful and very grateful!


Good Morning All!

Today, Im feeling hopeful and very very grateful …

Not that all our needs are being met because realistically that would take the considerable amount of about $3000.00 and in a relatively short amount of time JUST to get us STABLE again. And yes, that would be the ideal situation. But we don’t live in an ideal world, do we? Besides I don’t want to be greedy.

But still, I am grateful!

I am grateful for the help we have received as a direct result of this blog.

I am grateful for the kind words, and encouragement from our visitors.

I am grateful to friends ( old and new) to those who believe in us.

For the friends that I am ( or should I say, we are ) making on this journey,

I am grateful for the people who are following this blog and for sharing this blog with others.

I am grateful to the people who hold our mortgage who saw fit yesterday to accept YET another partial payment of $150.00. This buys us a little more time to come up with a viable solution. To meet our financial obligations.

I am grateful to the judge, presiding over our business eviction case who for whatever reason, is taking his time signing the FINAL judgement because for every day we can be there is another opportunity to earn our own keep.

I am grateful to my husband, who gets up and goes out EVERY day to try to make us a living. For his ( for the most part) good nature about our situation. ( most would have thrown in the towel a long time ago )

I am grateful for my faith because without it I know I would have given up too. I’m strong but not that strong typically.

AND last but not least, I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL to GOD , who has guided me through life and through this most humbling experience.

I HAVE to believe that there is something to be learned here and I feel chosen somehow not only to experience it, but to share, and hopefully inspire others along the way.

So YES, I am GRATEFUL because I have so MUCH to be thankful for and I mean that with all sincerity.

I hope everyone, has a wonderful weekend!

As always, may GOD BLESS you All!

~ C

3 responses to “Today, I’m feeling hopeful and very grateful!

  1. This may be a hard pill ti swallow, but i assure u i have swallowed many of this type of pill……and that is….we go through these hardships because as you see they bring the Glory to Jesus’ Father God and thats what it is all about. Not us really and that is good. :-)!

    • Lance – Hard pill? Yes, I know it was hard. But time and time again, I’ve asked myself, asked GOD ( knowing I was otherwise doing my best, and yet, I suffered another beating, like when things were going really well at the store, and I began to deal with back burner debt then sales dropped ) Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? What are we not GRATEFUL enough? I have come to the realization that maybe we we were>>> NOT<<<< GRATEFUL enough. I guess what I am trying to articulate is that 'that pill' is getting easier to swallow as bitter as it might be at times, but I believe it is all part of this lesson! And I am growing to accept all this! Each bitter pill at a time. šŸ™‚

      šŸ˜‰ Typos? LOL …. I can't type either . My mind works faster than my fingers.

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