Business Eviction Update! :D


This image represents the last entry on the court docket. There is a link to the actual record on Our Needs Page. RED TABS!

Very pleased this afternoon. We received notice that the judge FINALLY granted a hearing today in our business eviction case for June 4. This eviction started back in the middle of February. But the landlord pulled some really shady stunts. Like agreeing to a repayment agreement but filing the eviction three days later, altering dates on a lease agreement, making threats that cost us consignors and business, etc. I could go on but hopefully you understand why we fought it and fought hard.

This IS our livelihood. And they made it harder then it needed to be for us.


Once we were served with the initial complaint, we answered, and answered again without legal representation but I guess it served us well but we didn’t know this.

Without any real legal expertise, we were winging it BUT had no idea if it would do any good. So we’ve been in a kind of limbo.

Up until today, we thought we might be getting a 24 hr notice to vacate at any moment after the opposing attorney filed a MOTION for final judgement for eviction last Monday.

In a nut shell, it is the best news we’ve have had in months. And it gives us a guaranteed two more weeks to do business, liquidate or make arrangements to vacate, at the very least. And there is a good possibility that we have a fighting chance to keep our business afloat if we are heard in court and win.

This is so exciting and so hard-fought for.

Maybe I should go to law school. Kidding. But I am pretty good at this para legal stuff! 🙂

Thank you God! Thank you, thank you Thank you!

8 responses to “Business Eviction Update! :D

    • Thank you Jade. I just got off the phone with the juDge’s assistant. She seemed amused by my excitement but apparently their eviction practices were RED FLAGGEd by our responses and someone is taking notice because otherwise we would have been OUT OF BUSINESS already, and probably out of merchandise.

  1. Fingers crossed for you. We have a chain of thrift stores here that do very well. I know you have a mom & pop, but they have a card program now and then you get e-mails with coupons, sales, etc. Maybe even an option to receive e-mails might be helpful if you aren’t doing that–tends to remind people to stop by. I tend to pop in a bit more (well more than 2 x year), even though I only buy something I need and keep it under $5.00! Lol. I have a background in 2 careers and 1 was interior design–a rather useless degree at this point, but cheaper than my U. degree. I live in a motel if you recall (good for not spending a dime on my vintage decorating), but this chain does a display on each end shelf (end cap?) that pulls together various items for sale that all go together: dishware, a lamp, a purse, whatever. So, one has blues, one has yellows, etc. It usually makes no sense–who needs their dishes to match their purse–but it’s a good merchandising strategy. I think whoever has that job has some fun! Just some unsolicited advice as I noticed the Goodwill copied them! They also organize the clothing by color AND size, which is so nice for someone like me with low vision as you need to really scour over things.

    Continued luck with the business–this is your lifeline.

    • Hey lady, thanks for you awesome response. Got a lot of good suggestions here. The thrift store is pretty much my husband’s baby these days. I miss it but feeel I can get more accomplished by staying home. But my husband has it set up really nice. Lots of people comment on displays and how clean the store is. But you know what I found the BEST marketing ( attention-getting) tool ? a couple of HAPPY FACE balloons, tied to the smallish secondary sign by the road. We have a sign on building and that small realitor sign by the road but zoning prevents a larger sign. And lots of stuff put out on the swale. I also, but ads up on craigslist for venders . ! Anyhoo, so glad to see ya out and about blogging again.

      PS You know, it’s those folks on a fixed budget that come in and spend a few bucks consistently are our BEST , most desired costomers.!!!!! 🙂

      • I bet. Some people know how to budget (like moi, but I only but what I need, so not good for business!). Funny about the balloons–whatever works, right? I have great business sense but never figured that second-hand sector out. I used to always have a small yard sale with every move during my college/career yrs before I go sick in my late 20s. I moved a lot and just got rid of stuff, but I had GOOD stuff that I’d find at thrift stores or get from rich-y friends (lots of Pottery Barn back then). That would never sell! I couldn’t figure it out. People wanted anything they could get for .50 cents and they didn’t care if it was 1 drinking glass. It was like some strange, competitive sport. So, the money came in the next evening when I slashed prices to 1/2 off or more! Lol. The best is that I’m good at bargaining and so is that crowd (sure you know), so things could get heated at times. Funny memories from when I could do a million things in a week. See, I was always looking to make a buck for my savings and who knew I’d get sick from a genetic disease?! The dog-sitter, manger of a 4-plex I rented, a summer business I ran for years. My career was in non-profit after college so you pay to work as we say. Haha. Really wish I had NOT gone that route as I could be living the good life off a partial retirement. I had the grades to go to law school, but stuck with damn non-profit/public admin. for grad school. Argh!
        Take care,
        A 🙂

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