Connecting… the… Dots…


When I first took a leap of faith, and developed the ‘All But Homeless’ blog, I quite literally did not how I was going to put food on the table. Not to mention affording those unmentionables that nobody ever talks about but expects them to be there when you need them. I can’t express the indignity of these items NOT being there.

When a young person expresses to me that they can’t wait to grow, become an adult, or get out on their own.. I have always told them the same thing.

” Don’t be in such a hurry, when you grow up you have to buy your own toilet paper.”

Never in a million years, imagining a time when I wouldn’t be able to. Well at the risk of offering TMI, the time came. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, that life ( as we knew it ) IS most definitely improving! Slowly, but improving.

Thank you God, and thanks to those who were listening to ( an answering) that spirit.

Since I first went public with our desperate situation a little more than a month ago, we have had several people come forward to help.

As of this moment, we have had $85 deposited directly into our personal paypal account by three different individuals, we received a Publix Supermarket Gift Card for $40 AND… wer received (2) separate care packages. One arrived via USPS, and groceries were hand-delivered to our business by a man who befriended over the course of months through his visitations as a Jehovah’s Witness.

We have also had a local ministry come forward to lend their name, web presence and non-profit status to our cause which we think is amazing.

And just as important, people are LIKING, FOLLOWING and SHARING our story. As well, praying for us, and offering kind words of support.

In the last week, I received an amazing offer from a friend from another blog who wants to write an article about us. She also has pledged to send us a Walmart gift certificate. [ UPDATE :11:49 am EST : The mail man just delivered sunshine from Texas, the gift card and the article has been witten ] I reblogged for those interested. Thank you Mishi!

And last but not least, just within the last few days, I connected with another blogger who has pledged to contribute a portion of our mortgage payment each month for now, as well as get us some items from our Walmart Wishlist. I even had the pleasure of speaking with her on the telephone. She called from another far away country. That was so cool.

So I dare to say that these needed connections are being made, and bringing on a much needed change, not only in our financial situation, but in so many other ways.

I do pray that it continues in that vein.

Finally, I’d like to add that each of these generous gestures are no more important than any other.

They have all been quite significant to us, on may levels. And for each of them, we are eternally grateful.

God Bless you all!

~ C

9 responses to “Connecting… the… Dots…

  1. It isn’t TMI…it is literal and many people do not know it or even understand it because IT hasn’t happened to them…..YET. People we see who live on the streets ALL the time and go to the bathroom outside most times do NOT have toilet paper…….Picture That!….Hot, hungry…sweaty…tired to the bone….sick and No Toilet Paper to keep yourself clean. It horrifies me. I understand.

    • you know Lance. This IS NOT something I could fathomed even a few years ago. It’s never been an issue for me, until it becamea HUGE issue for me. And that was only part of it!!!! IT was pretty aweful Live and learn I guess! 😦 Thank you as always for your kind support! hugs

  2. I appreciate your honesty and am glad things are a bit better. The kindness of strangers. In my late-teens/20s I was an expat in Mexico. I went down there several times during and then after college. It’s a hard country to make ends meet in–and I wasn’t sick then. I worked 14 hrs/day teaching English, but as the wages or so low, I had money for rent (that I could pay weekly), a bag of produce from the open market, and the bus–and that was it. I was so malnourished, just like now from my disease

    Yes, there are a few toiletries we all need. I got paid in cash every Monday, but my toothpaste was running out by the weekend at one point. I rolled up the tube and kept squeezing every last drop out. I had local friends, but wouldn’t ask them for money and we were all young and broke. I had a boyfriend there and the night that the toothpaste finally ran out, he happened to show up with a tube, even though I never asked. I presume he just wanted to be able to brush his teeth too, but it was something I never forgot (20 yrs later). If I can, I tend to have a small stock pile of things in my teeny bathroom–just in case.

    A 🙂

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