Insert Raised Eye Brows Here


Nope, not a diva when it comes to the fru fru of ladydom .

I am a more natural sort. Pride myself on it in fact. One reason is that I was blessed with great skin, expressive eyes and a nice smile — thankfully. The rest is icing on the cake, which is nice, it’s just not my thing and really never has been. Still, I am a woman, and as a woman, I do like to look nice because if you don’t look nice, you can’t feel good about yourself.

I have assets that I have always liked to accentuate and maintain with GREAT care. ( hands, nails, teeth ) to name a few. Most of which can be handled with proper homecare. The teeth were dealt with during my days of plenty. Now just lots of brushing and flossing. 🙂

In recent years, I’ve had to add something else to that list. To rid myself of that stubborn facial hair and for that I need a professional. She gasps!

As a younger woman, tweezers did the trick. These days, not so much. My eye sight, has faded and in the new age of energy efficient household lighting, I have long preferred the natural outdoors light and a rear view mirror to exact these womanly tasks. Now with the sight problem, even that is almost impossible!

Seriously, has anyone ever tried to pluck with a pair of readers perched on their nose?

I need the glasses to see but they get in the way of the task at hand. This is a problem I tell you and because it is such a problem, I began frequenting my local salon a few years ago to get waxed occasionally at a cost of about $15.00. And even that I put off as long as possible. not because of the expense, but because of the time it took out of my day, which was usually my only day off. Not to mention the pain. involved. Still I found it neccesary.

Not only neccesary, but a new found obsession for me, it would seem. There is nothing I hate worse but to happen upon a mirror only to realize that i’ve been walking around with wild hairs for a week. It’s happening more and more frequently these days. Worse yet, knowing there’s not a darned thing I can do about it. Waxing is just not in the budget.

Apparently, this is REALLY bothering me more than I know because I had a very VIVID dream about this very thing the other night. Except in the dream, instead of finding wild hairs, I found perfectly groomed brows, though groomed much too thin for my facial features. Still it was a nice surpise as odd as it might seem.

Any dream interpreters out there? I’d love to know the meaning of this!

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