Progress, Not Perfection!


Awww well, here I go again. This is not the type of post that I enjoy writing. AND I’m not complaining. There is no doubt in my mind that this fundraiser is gaining momentum. And we dearly do appreciate all the support we’ve received so far . Still, it is slow going and because it is slow going , the bills that keep coming in are in the lead right now. Today’s priority is the the light bill.

We tried to get assistance locally through LIHEAP ( Florida Low Income Household Energy Assistance Program) as a qualified household and were even put on a list this past month , but didn’t make it to the top of that list which is in constant rotation. All these programs are overwhelmed, especially in Florida, this time of year. 😦

So anyway, I just got off the phone with Duke Energy (formally Progress Energy) My bill now well past due is $145.61. The hope is to come up with some of that today ourselves. They are pretty easy to work with, and give me payment arrangements on a regular bases. This month I was unable to make that deadline because we’ve been focusing on trying to keep a roof over our head.

As I said, progress, not perfection! ( and only a little bit of pun intended 😉 )

Thankfully the holiday weekend, afforded us another reprieve, however the agent just informed me that we are subject to disconnect, but the order has not been dispatched for today. Whew!

It needs to be paid though, and if anyone would like to help with that, it can be paid directly to them by calling their customer service number, or by quick pay. They will even accept partial payments. Any amount will help.

You also have the comfort of knowing that you can remain anonymous if you’d like and the transaction is between you and the power company ONLY.

I will gladly provide you pertinent info that you need to make the payment via email. Our email address is

Thank you for any and all consideration.

~ C

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