‘There’s Always Hope’, they say….


No, it’s not my best day BUT for today, hope is what I am clinging to because that is all I have to work with at the moment.

This morning, I woke, and I am ( checks pulse ) breathing. For the moment my power is still on which means I have lights, refrigeration, a phone and internet.

With these things, there is hope. Without these things, I am dead in the water as far is being able to reach out for assistance that we so desperately need.

Hope is one of the reasons I created All But Homeless. Because it offers hope in a desperate situation. Putting ourselves out here like this is not easy and I am certain there are those who question the motives.

Again, all you have is my word here. I will gladly offer disclosure and documentation ( as needed ) I have nothing to hide here, we are real, and our needs are genuine.

Today, the GREATEST need is to keep our lights on.

PLEASE, if there is anything at all you can do, please EMAIL ME, or VISIT our donation page for convenient ways you can help us.

If you can do nothing more, please LIKE FOLLOW and SHARE our story.

Thank to all who are already supporting us. Everything you do has made a difference and is greatly appreciated.

Now, I’ve gotta run. Make that phone call to progress energy that I’ve been dreading.

I’ll keep you all advised the best I can.

If I don’t post for a couple of days, you know what happened.

~ C

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