DISCONNECT Imminent without pmt, but OVERWHELMED and THANKFUL!


Yes. Electric Bill remains UNPAID this morning and disconnection of service is imminent without payment. If service is disconnected, it will only exacerbate an already difficult situation. AND YES, I am reaching OUT here. We really need your assistance this morning otherwise we won’t have power later, phone, internet service, refrigeration, etc…

If anyone would like to pay this bill, the balance remaining is right at $100. We have the other $45. You can pay this or any portion of this directly to the service provider. If you can do this please email me ASAP or call Lance .

Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545

He has my e-bill, and has all the information you need to pay this ( OR ANY PORTION OF IT)

Haa! Feel like I am writing my last will and testament here.

But wanted to take a moment to thank you all, for the blogging camaraderie, the kinds words of support, for the gifts and contributions, for EVERYTHING! The response has been so amazing!

SPECIAL thanks to the following for not only caring enough to step up, BUT for acting, by helping to share our story, each in their unique and wonderful way.

Each one a BLESSING!

Lance at Straight Ahead ( Taking Back your Life, Inc )

Mishunderstood – for your kindness, friendship, generosity and unwavering support.

Dee Dee – for setting up our dedicated Facebook Page. Love you DeeDee!

Kira for your friendship, generosity support and reblogging of Mish’s story about us.

PLEASE VISIT their LINKS, to show your support!

Above all, thanks for getting me and believing in us! 🙂

STRESSED, and at a BREAKING POINT, but AWESTRUCK and THANKFUL for all the support!~ C


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