Disconnect UPDATE! 11:58 am, Thursday


Well for the moment I am still here. spoke to Duke Energy ( Formally Progress Energy) this morning, and all they will tell me at this point is NOTHING, other than my lights will be shut off without payment. PERIOD, end of story..

IF I stop posting today , it’s because my power got shut off. I DID’NT fall off the face of the earth, or didn’t abandon this blog or this fundraising effort . BUT I am that much more invisible and handicapped with no means of communication.

If my power gets shut off it means MY SITUATION just got ten times worse AND that within a few hours, temperatures inside my home will reach 100 degrees or more with no possible airflow . BECAUSE the former owner, out of fear of her safety, apparently had all the windows bolted shut. Well it’s an older mobile home and things have settled a bit. We haven’t removed the bolts out of fear of breaking windows. 😦

it will also mean, no phone or refrigeration.

I am a little nauseous at the moment, just thinking about it.

If, my power gets shut off, It will cost more money to get it restored. And that amount will almost double in a few days!

SO you SEE, I need you NOW more than EVER! You, and a little divine intervention.

PLEASE PARDON my REDUNDANCY HERE. But this is a BAD situation.

If you can HELP please I beg you to call ( or text) Lance Greene at Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545


He has my e-bill, contact information for the power company and an emergency contact # for me.

He said he would be glad to walk anyone thru the by phone payment process.

YOu can also email me for this information, but as of now I don’t know how long I can access my email. NO POWER, PUTER, NO COMMUNICATION! 😦

Paying the power company directly is EASY! And you have the comfort in knowing that the payment ( OR ANY portion of the payment) was made directly to them and that your payment is SECURE.

Alternatively, you can also visit my donations pagefor other ways to help.

Thanks for all you have done, and all you might be able to do!

Sorry, I am scared at the moment and just waiting .

~ C

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