2:16 pm, Friday. Still guarding the power meter! Update


So here I am, on a glorious Friday afternoon and I’m waiting for my lights to get shut off. Tho’ I believe I remember hearing that they don’t do shut-offs on Friday afternoon. I only wish I could be sure. But I heard it somewhere, either in the last 18 months because I have called them plenty, or it could have been the water company. I have called them too. Or maybe it was when I worked in prop. mgmt when I had 100 meters to shepherd. Dunno. But it is a small miracle that I might indulge myself in this afternoon. 🙂 ~ C

If you are willing and financially able to help with this bill of $145.61 ( or any portion of it) it can be paid directly to the service provider.

If you would like to help me, by paying this bill, please email me ASAP at allbuthomeless@gmail.com And I will gladly provide you with account information and the customer service number for Duke Energy ( formally Progress-Energy ) .

Alternatively, if by chance I’m DISCONNECTED, you can call Lance Greene at:

Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545

He has my e-bill, and can provide you with the same information.

Thank you ONCE again.

Anything you can possibly do is greatly appreciated!

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