Thank you Mr. V. Jones!!! ( Rvd $50 donation, last night via GoFundMe )

Last night, before retiring, I checked my email to find a notification from GoFundMe saying that I had received a $50.00 donation. MY first, ONLINE donation at GoFundMe. But I have posted all cash donations there. OBviously, I was VERY pleased.

But I saw the name of the latest donor and just had a feeling I knew who the donor was. Turns out I was right. 😀 He is a blogging buddy of mine, and I have to mention that his generosity, IS HUGE for me, because in knowing this very special gentleman, I know his giving was purely selfless!

Thank you Mr. Jones. Not only for your donation, but for renewing my faith in mankind this morning.

May you be BLESSED today, and everyday. Hugs.

~ C. ( please note that only cash donations are noted here) His donation brings Fundraiser total to date to $200.00 this includes ( cash and gift cards with Face Value ) We also recieved two separate food gifts with estimated value of about $70 )

It all counts and is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for all the kindness, prayers and support.

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