You Never Know…



Just a quick note: I’ve been dreading this week. By Monday, I was offline, Tuesday, we attended the final judgment hearing for our business. They WON! 😦 At the same time it was a relief! Now we wait for the writ of possession to come through and then the thrift store is history. By Wednesday, we were down $110.00 on the electric bill leaving $165.00 balance but safe until the 20th now. Yesterday, and today, heavy storms swept through the area making liquidation sales impossible.

Anyway, just wanted to thank those who checked up on me, and thanks to Lance Greene for paying $50 directly to Duke Energy towards the past due balance.

I’m pretty weary tonight so I will keep this short and sweet, but I look forward to resume posting tomorrow…

God Bless you ALL.

4 responses to “You Never Know…

  1. That’s so true because Lord knows my strength has been tested in these last 5 yrs, but I made it through by the grace of God…I am a strong woman, stronger than I ever could have imagined. Because strong was the only option to be.

    • Hi Mr. Jones ; I always enjoy your comments. ALWAYS….We get tropical type storm conditions ALL summer long. Even afternoon weather, the daily stuff can be scary. We had two days of it and flooding. Last night we had tornado warnings… Scarier is with no tv, no internet, I didn’t know anything about it until the neighbor told me.

      Today, we hope for clear skies. ~ C

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