Your donations ( in any amount) are GREATLY appreciated!


Yes please click on me!

YAY! So today, the mail person delivered our first GoFundMe donation in the amount of $45.25. Do you have any idea how much that was needed today? I requested a check last Tuesday and it crossed the US in about three days. So now, I’m all excited again so I am gonna beat the bush and shake the trees here in hopes of getting the help we need. Won’t you please give me an “E” for effort because it is working, ( albeit slowly) but this little fundraiser is absolutely crucial in our financial recovery.

THE TWO BIGGIES THIS WEEKND are 1) our mortgage pmt which can be paid directly to the mortgage holder ( you’ll have to email me for details) and 2) We also need to raise funds so we can rent a moving truck and a storage unit so we can save the merchandise from our defunct store. Otherwise the landlord gets it and we are left with NO WAY to make a living. 😦

Your donations ( in any amount) are GREATLY appreciated!

Below, are several convenient ways you can help make a HUGE difference in our lives.

If you want to know more, please reference the PAGES in our side bar ( left) Our story is told there.

Thank you ALL so much. Every little bit HELPS, please remember that.

God Bless


If you would like to donate via pay-pal, please click here.( you will be directed to our personal website where you will find a button for paypal. ) Click on it to donate any amount )

If donating to us directly gives you pause, a paypal donation fund has also been been set up in our name through :

Straight Ahead Out-Reach- Taking back your life, Inc.

They are a local charity, based in of Clearwater, Florida who have lent their name, web presense and non-profit ( 501 3 c) status to our cause and we greatly appreciate this gesture. Thanks Lance! πŸ™‚

You can also help us at

Walmart Wish List

Our email address is

Preferred gift cards ( Walmart, Save-a-lot, Dollar General or Winn Dixie )

Thank you so much. Anything you can do, IS greatly appreciated.

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