Scarlet Lettering….


As much as I love literature, “The Scarlet Letter ” is one novel I would probably not read under normal circumstances .

Not because of the scandalous subject matter, moreso because the story line in so incredibly deep, with its rich Old English dialogue, throw in a little ADD , and a dire need for glasses and wham, I am lost! I am certain, I would not have made it through the first chapter.

Just a bit much for my ‘diminutive comprehension.”

I jest BUTTTT… It’s not something I would go see on the big screen either. It just isn’t. You might say that it’s just not my cup of tea. The only reason, the dvd was in my house is because our library doesn’t have a huge selection of movies to choose from and well my husband picked it out. He happens to be a bigger history buff than I am.

With that said, I have watched many movies of late that I probably wouldn’t have picked for myself if we had a Block Busters nearby and I could afford to rent tapes. “The Scarlet Letter’ would be no different. And yes, I do realize it is the magnum opus of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

All I can say is WOW! They had me from the opening scene . I was especially taken by Hester Prynne and I related to her in ways that made me a bit uncomfortable. She was so strong, courageous and dignified in the face of her adversity.

It’s funny how the mind works. I could actually imagine myself, standing up on the scaffolding, next to in place of her. At times, I felt so enraged, that I wanted to just look away.

Wasn’t there anything else in that stack of dvds that would not be so incredibly painful to watch?

It would have been so easy to pick up the remote and with a click of a button make her disappear.

Sooth myself in the knowledge that “The Scarlet Letter” was just a dramatization of what life might have been like in the 17th century. History right?

Well history has a way of repeating itself. Some things never really change.

With that, I proudly present my own brand of scarlet lettering. Symbolic really of my own adversity, how I know it to be perceived by many and the strength of “a” character who I most humbly aspire to.

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