And our fundraiser continues … please help if you are able.


It’s been a GREAT week as weeks go thanks to the donations received last week . You might even say productive. However, its Friday again, and it’s been several days since our last donation, because its Friday, a minimum weekly payment of $125.00 is due on our mortgage again and we have just over $30, left to our name .

This week was spent closing our store. Running back and forth trying to move items with a station wagon and it has been a bit unsettling..

1) We’ve not been able to earn anything on our own. 2) the reality that we are losing our small source of income, is a bit depressing too.

PLEASE help if you are able. I have updated the [NEEEDS PAGE as of 6/13/13 ( left) to give you an idea of what the needs are presently.

Please vist our [ PLEASE DONATE ] ( left) for convenient ways to send help.

The easiest way for me to access funds is if you send via PAYPAL.

It would be awesome if several folks were able to do a little bit. $5, $10, $20 donations add up too.

Truly WE need you guys.

If you have questions, please ask. đŸ™‚ Our email address is

Anything you can do is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you ALL for your kind support! God Bless.

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