Thank you Melissa & Lou! Very grateful for your kindnesses.


Today, I received a small food gift package via USPS from Melissa. It contained cat food, a few canned food items, canned fruit, some lemon tea, and rice pilaf . Melissa is my first contributor. She doesn’t do much because she can’t afford much and she also does for others but what she does do means the world to me and I wanted to make special mention of Melissa’s gift.

I’m drinking hot lemon tea as I write this and have already used the pilaf, pineapple and corn with a small can of ham that was already here for tonight’s meal. it was pretty tasty.

And one of my special Aussie friends Lou donated $50 today via GOFundeMe. This was her second offering in less than a week and I promise her, that it will go to pay a bill or portion of one.

Thank you so much.

~ God Bless

10 responses to “Thank you Melissa & Lou! Very grateful for your kindnesses.

  1. *huggles* more than welcome.

    NB, It is Louella Or Lou not Lue 🙂 Just thought I’d mention cause last time I thought it may have been a typo.. lol

      • Lol.. No problem.. *huggles* It’s not that bigger deal, but I didn’t want us to get 2 years down the track, then I tell you and you are like.. OMGOODNESS… *giggling*

      • YAY for my friend John, Who I am currently skyping with.. He just flicked through $50! He is an awesome, wonderful man!

        We just discussing growing veges in your own yard. Are you able to do that there? I know that in some states it is not allowed. Though if you could start doing that it may help to take off some of the burden – food wise, anyway.

        Also.. is it a possibility that you can sell some of the store product on ebay OR craigslist perhaps?

  2. Please tell Mr Wilson thank you. I just saw and was actually trying to figure out who he was. VERY VERY kind of him. And you.>> *sell I’ll fix that too! I use Craigslist all the time, as well as Etsy. I don’t use Ebay anymore because of the change in their policy.

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