Oh what a beautiful morrrrrrning …


My mother used to sing that song out the kitchen window as she did dishes as some kind of coping mechanism when she was angry or stressed. Not me, I blog …

Well we left the house this morning with $7 worth of gas . But had to drive 22 miles ( one way) to our county’s resource office at the far end of the county.

Productive appointment. We received assistance theough the LiHeap program which helps with energy bills for low income families.

We will not have to worry about our electric bill for another month or so YAY, I am relieved about that.

We also had a counselor help with an application for food assistance.

That will take awhile, but now that we are indigent again, we should be ok there in a month or so.

The car, which had been run on fumes a few too many times, was doing a hesitation thing even before we arrived at our destination.

Coming home, I was panicking.

Well we got to the midway point and I had but one piece of jewelry left to pawn but I was afraid we wouldn’t make it all the way home, so we stopped. All I had to offer was a sterling (925) silver ring that I now wear on my left ring finger. I was turned away at two different pawn shops. One of the shop’s name was BIG SILVER ( or something like that ) …. Imagine that?

Here’s where I would normally break into a rant.

But Nope, not going to do that. πŸ™‚

SO we continued and somehow made it the complex where the thrift store was, knowing we had a few friends there. Peggy the antique dealer has long been interested in a vintage ( not antique) buffet I had in the office but her husband was out ‘picking’ on a Monday. She would call us back when he got back with the cash. Ultimately we sold a pair of jumper cables to a mechanic in the next building over, purchased gas and made it the rest of the way home with gas to spare.


It was a BEAUTIFUL morning indeed….inspite!!!!

And that’s all I have to say about that. πŸ™‚

7 responses to “Oh what a beautiful morrrrrrning …

  1. For God to do a miracle he sometimes has to use us to get things started.God bless you Sherry. I love your daily commentary, it speaks volumes. God bless

  2. *huggles you Sherry* You’re amazing! God has a plan for you guys, and everything is happening just as it needs to for it to turn out perfectly!

    Miss Lou

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