Fundraising Progress and a ‘Few ‘More Thanks… :)


Let me begin by saying that In the last two days, we had two more donations come in. The first from Sammy ( 6-16-2013) , via PayPal in the amount of $25.00 which helped with same-day incidentals. The second ( 6-17-2013) from Louella via GoFundMe in the amount of $50.00, which combined with other donations received via GoFundme means we have about $160.00 still in route to us via snail mail from GoFundme’s Pay agent, a good portion should arrive tomorrow or Thursday, hopefully.

Thank you Sammy and Louella for your generosity and ongoing support !

FUND RAISING GOAL $3000.00 Raised to Date :$ 670.00 which does not include ‘food gifts’ which we really can’t put a value on.

I’d also like to thank Michelle, Kira, Lisa, Tom ( local ) Lance Greene of Straight Ahead Outreach , Vertis Jones, J. Wilson, Mishunderstood, Dee Hausletter, the stranger in Dollar General and countless others who have LIKED, FOLLOWED, FRIENDED US ( on this journey) , and SHARED our story. Whew, that was a mouth full!

I also need to mention a few other blessings in the wind which are no doubt benefiting us.

Yesterday, we recieved a pledge from LIHEAP ( a grant program) which helps with energy costs for low income families . Because of this, we now have our electric bill covered as well as have a credit with Duke Energy which means this NEED has been taken out of the equation. Thank you Kathy for helping us obtain this grant.

We also anticipate qualifying for food assistance ( food stamps ) and should be hearing from that agency soon. That may take up to a month but at least the application process has been started.

We are also acting on another hope this morning and my husband is down at the store meeting with someone as I write this. I will update you as soon I know more. NEVER MIND! SCRATCH THAT! 😦

Dare I say, things seem to be turning around for us. Thanks to the Good Lord, and so many of you.

With this help, the NEEDS are shifting a bit and so are the priorities. I’ve mades [ Needs as of June 18, 2013 ] updates this morning, but will follow up with another post later. 🙂

For the first time in almost two years , I can see us actually coming out of this HOLE. dare I say ‘ALMOST WHOLE’ …

EVERY little bit helps and helps other processes along ( I can’t stress that enough) and IS greatly appreciated!

God Bless you All. Thank you for making a difference for us.

10 responses to “Fundraising Progress and a ‘Few ‘More Thanks… :)

    • Hi Lou : I only cashed one donation from GoFundme so far , but I am looking at the check stub. I already was able to cash , a week or so ago from Mr V. Jones, they charged 4.25. for a $50.00 donation. 🙂 The actually net was 45.75. Still waiting on the others, checks in route.

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