Rv’d $25.00 Winn Dixie Gift Card from Angela ( Beyond Us, Inc. ) Thank you.


As well as a wonderful letter which was greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing so much with me.

We’re going to have to see how we can remedy that situation as well. 🙂

The prayer and bible referencess were AMAZING! Hugs

Thank you so much and WE are praying for you and yours as well. In fact, my husband after reading your letter, said a prayer right then…

God Bless You Angela.


Angela, when you see this please email me the link to your other blog. allbuthomeless@gmail.com


I have already been shopping and back and I used the gift card wisely.

We’re having chicken and yellow rice with green beans tonite. Yummy!

The purchases will get us through a few more days as we are still waiting on the donations from GoFundme. I had really hoped they would be here today. Tomorrow, probably! 🙂

All in good time as they say, tho. 🙂

Beyond Us Inc. Jacksonville, Florida

2 responses to “Rv’d $25.00 Winn Dixie Gift Card from Angela ( Beyond Us, Inc. ) Thank you.

  1. Hi guys. I am glad that the gift card helped you. I really appreciate your responses. I was near tears as I wrote the letter. I’m very glad that it blessed you. My husband and I also appreciate your prayers! We need to stick together, supporting one another, and praying for each other. I’m so glad that things are starting to turn around, even though it’s slow. Please keep writing!

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