A NEW Fundraising Perspective! Whoot! Progress!

I am so excited this morning. Little by little, things are turning around for us .

YAY! Thank you ALL SO much!

Theoretically, if all continues to go in the direction it is going and IF we can get the following needs met, we’d be in a pretty good place. At least stable enough to go on from here. Perhaps I am being a tad optimistic, however a month ago, I couldn’t have itemized this list with as much clarity. That’s how overwhelmed I was. SO YES, we are seeing some AMAZING PROGRESS in our fundraising effort.

The following represents OUR GREATEST NEEDS, as of this moment! Click on the image to see the BIG picture! If you have questions, please ask. If you’d like to donate, please do!

Donations are gladly accepted thru paypal or GoFundme.

We have also provided a mailing address ( Donation Page on MENU LEFT ) if you would like to send funds or gift cards directly to us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not send CASH.

You can also pay most of these items directly to intended entity/service provider . Please email me for pertinent details.
We most definitely still need some help! But we are SO thankful for all the support ( monetary and otherwise) we have found here!

God Bless You ALL.


PS This list DOES NOT in anyway cover all of our NEEDS or indebtedness! That is not our goal here. WE just want our lives back and ya’ll are helping us get the accomplished 🙂 ! Thank you….

~ C

5 responses to “A NEW Fundraising Perspective! Whoot! Progress!

  1. Hey Cheryl…I have nominated you for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award” or maybe you have a shelf full of these already. I am still advocating for you and wish you continued progress!

  2. Hi Mish! Shell full? lol. Thanks my sweet friend again, I always appreciate the nominations. Yes have been nominated several times. ( a few from you ) But as you know, the awards have taken back seat for now. I won’t display until I can fullfill the requirements. BUT I thank you Mish, for the nomination, your friendship and for your continued support. WE NEED all the ADVOCACY we can get! HUGS YOU!

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