Friday, June 21st ( a day in my world)

Good Saturday –

Yesterday morning was spent waiting on the mailman as we were anticipating donations from our GoFundme account. I had actually expected them by Wednesday or Thursday. Thankfully, three checks ( totaling $114.23 ) were delivered. I am expecting another today or Monday.

The next step was to find a way to cash them. My initial hope was that a local merchant would cash them for me so I wouldn’t have to drive across the county to the bank. I remembered that they once cashed checks. Unfortunately, they have since stopped. While I was speaking to the store manager about this, her son who was standing off to the side, handed his mom a $5 bill to eliminate my gas problem . I in turn handed her the $2.30, I had on me, thanked them, pumped the gas and was on my way.

My first stop from there was the bank, and then Dollar General where I picked up a few items. I also stopped back by the gas station to pay back the loan to the clerk. When I got home, my husband and I had a bite to eat and then we went through the rest of the mail which contained three information letters from the State of Florida. Two of them concerned our eligibility for food assistance and request for documentation and one of them was about my husband’s medicaid application.

Aside from laundry, I plan on working on these items this weekend. I have a telephone interview on Monday and I’d like to have all my documentation gathered and on-hand when I speak to them.

Later, I decided to check court records to see what was going on with the thrift store eviction as we have yet to be served with a writ of possession from the sheriff. I learned that it was sent to the sheriff on Monday so I was surprised that we hadn’t been served yet, so I called the civil desk to see what was up. Apparently the writ was sent back to the plaintiff’s attorney because of another SNAFU on their part involving the proper address. When the clerk told me this, I laughed and then explained why I laughed.

The plaintiff’s refusal to send timely notices to the correct address, despite having been told over and over was one of our defenses all along.

The problem is that sometimes we got our mail ( thanks to our neighbor in another building ) and sometimes we did not.

Apparently, there was also a problem with no address being displayed on the building itself and the deputy could not legally serve the writ of possession which effectively bought us a little more time to secure/ or liquidate the merchandise from the store. Just a bit of karma, I’d say, given the fact that they ( landlord/plaintiff) got an outrageous judgement in the case. About twice what they deserved.

Anyway, we experienced HEAVY storms yesterday afternoon.

Last night, we watched a few dvds from the library. I was not feeling well. I am not sure why other than I have some cervical ( neck ) problems that cause headaches and associated nausea. Damp and or cold weather sometimes brings these symptoms on.

TODAY I feel fine! 🙂

SO all and all, we had a pretty productive day yesterday. And I am grateful that things are beginning to fall into place for us.

Thanks to All those who are contributing ( and continuing to support us) in one way or another. Please know it is making a difference for us!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

God Bless

~ C

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