Accepting Belsbros’ Restorative Blessing


Words cannot express ( but of course I will attempt πŸ™‚ ) what this particular award means to me today. Thank you Belsbros! I most gratefully accept as I need its restorative representation in my life today. How did you know? it really means so much to me.

Please correct me if I wrong, but it is my understanding that the only requirement for acceptance is to pass it on to others. And I plan to do just that.

I have a few nominations in mind which I will contend with later today BUT I believe the inner peace award is a gift to anyone who might desire it or need it ( as I did ) or if you happen to know another who might need a lift in spirit.

So please enjoy!

By now, most of you have heard our story and know that we are trying to raise funds to help us recover from financial ruin. When I created this blog just over two months ago, I had no idea how successful it would be, all I knew is that it offered hope at the lowest point in our lives.

We needed ( need) help! And like the old saying goes, ‘if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.’

I had also hoped the blog would offer something to others as well. To send a message, to educate, inspire, to instill hope in someone who might be facing similar challenges.

I also knew that telling our story here would be cathartic. I just never knew how cathartic it would be. πŸ™‚

Well this journey has thus far been amazing and I am not just talking about the fundraising aspect of it. I have ‘met’ the most wonderful , caring people on this planet and for you all, I am grateful. I don’t know what I expected honestly.

And I am learning more and more about myself every day.

When this all began, things were what seemed hopeless. I have always been a spiritual person, but my faith waned. I was always a nice person, but I was angry at our situation and I internalized it. To say, I was disappointed at everyone in my life, IS really putting it quite mildly.

I could go on and on. But I hope I made my point.

NO, we are not out of the woods yet. Some days are better others. Inner peace settles in sometimes, and just as I cozy up with it, someone ( or a set back of some kind ) threatens to take it from me.

I begin struggling again, doubting mostly.

Sometimes, this entire recovery process overwhelms me. And in these darker moments, I can see why some just GIVE UP. In these moments I realize that I only thought I knew what it was to be a survivor.

BUT I don’t want to give up. I want this to be a subsistence to success story. I want to be whole, in every sense, to help others in the process ( to pay it forward ) where I see opportunity.

And mostly, I see all these things probable!

Again tho, sometimes it’s really really HARD!

Thank you Belbror, for giving me a boost this morning. I so desperately needed it after a few rough days.

~ God Bless


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