I am grateful! :) Thank you.


‘Reflect each day on
all you have to be grateful for
and you will receive
more to be grateful for ‘ ~ Chuck Danes

I love this and I have to agree. 🙂 How appropriate!

Another hectic day. My husband had an early doctors appointment, but it was postponed only after he got there. I waited for the mail, and another check from GoFundme’s pay agent and then took off myself. First to use the phone bank at our local service center to do my phone interview . And then on to the bank .

I love this time I have alone in the car, to think, reflect and count my blessings.

I just got home to find a paypal deposit for $50.00. Thank you so very much Louella. HUGS!

Thank you all in fact for kindnesses, support and encouragement.

~ God Bless

3 responses to “I am grateful! :) Thank you.

    • I know. More today. I just spent an hour hanging on a phone yesterday and spoke to rep for person for another half hour for me to get online notice that I missed appointment . Argggggggh. Glad you found your words. That has happened to me too! THat is so scary, HA!

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