The thing about not having alot of money is it is so much easier to keep track of. Such was the case yesterday.

On the way home yesterday afternoon, I made three stops ( the gas station, Key Training Thrift store, and Save-a-lot) At Save-a-lot I spent exactly $8.05. The manager checked me out And then I put my change and receipt in my change purse as I always do. I found the receipt in my change purse.

Once home, I do what I always do and tried to account for my purchases.

I freaked when things just didn’t add up.

So as casually as I could muster, I asked my husband IF by chance he never gave me the $10 intended for gas.

Well, you know how that goes.

‘Yes of course I did, why?’

Well I had to be truthful and while he remained even-tempered, I could feel the angst building.

Not to mention feeling my own angst.

There was a count, and recount, figures were scribbled on the back of an envelope. Pockets were checked and rechecked. The car was checked. Did you check the floorboard?

After counting the silver in my change purse, I surmised there was at least, $10 dollars missing.

“Think” Did you stop anywhere else?” Nooooooo, I didn’t!

“Are you sure?”

Yes of course I am sure!

When he was absolutely sure he couldn’t get me to crack he simply said “Let it Go! ” and then he settled into an uncomfortable silence as if he had caught me in a fib or something.

There was a time when I was earning my own keep where I would just NOT mention a purchase to avoid the third degree. He used to call this lieing through omission.

But this wasn’t the case. Not the case at all and I couldn’t let it go as it really bothered me.

I decided to call Save-a-lot NEVER really expecting a manager to admit to a money mistake.

But I had to try. In that instant, it was more about being right, to let him know that I knew without actually slinging accusations. I know, my bad!

Amazingly enough. He did!

‘Yes maaa’aaaaam I did have an overage. But are you sure it wasn’t $12?’

I smiled, realizing in that instant that it was.

Save-alot is one one of those stores that offers a 40% savings on most of their items but you have to bag your own groceries. And you have to buy the bags. A surplus of stock boxes are usually kept up front for customers to pack their groceries in . But when I checked out I realized at the last moment that there were not any. So after I had all but checked out, I purchased two brown paper grocery bags. The manager had trouble adding the bags to my total.

But to keep the line moving he did some quick figuring and I handed him a 20.00 bill and one nickel meaning he owed me $12.00 in change.

With the last minute distraction, I got the receipt but not the change. :/

These things happen. What doesn’t happen often ( at least to me) is to have a store employee fess up to a mistake. let alone a store manager.

It would have been so easy for him to just pocket that $12.00.

But he didn’t and for that I am so GRATEFUL.

I was praising God before I even got off the phone.

The manager seemed pleased that I appreciated his integrity.

Such a little thing. BUT HUGE for me these days.


2 responses to “Change

  1. Hey Miss Lou! 🙂 Wasn’t it though??? Oh my gosh. Once I realized it was gone. Iwas like, OH PLEASE NO! Some negative feelings … Wha Wha. Why me? And then I said NO, not going to do this. I am going to use the powers of deductions and go to the most likely place. It just made me feel so good that he was honest. Another little blessing in disguise. And a bit more faith restored in humanity. Ron picked it up on the way home from his doctors appointment. What a relief!

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