We have reached the 25% mark! :) Donations Appreciated!


I am so pleased to announce yet another milestone in our fundraising effort . With yesterdays paypal donation from Louella for $50 we have reached ( actually exceded) the 25% mark. Anotherwords, we have raised $760.00 of the $3,000.00 goal and are slowly moving out of the our crisis situation which is amazing itself .

THIS has all made a HUGE difference in our situation. And it would not have been possible had it not been for those who responded to our needs in such heartfelt and generous ways.

Obviously we still have a ways to go AND still have some real doozies still on our plate.

A break down of what the needs are presently can be seen here.

Won’t you help us reach our goals?

Realistically, another $2, 200.00 is still needed and would allow us to get on with our lives.

It doesn’t matter what amount you send. it all adds up! Truly!

If you’d like to donate, please click here.

Thank you ALL so VERY VERY much.

God Bless

~ C

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