Words alone can not express …


what I am feeling at this moment. Yes, believe it or not, I am speechless!

With that said I just want to say THANK YOU for everything, I mean everything.

I do has some figuring to do and updates to make, and I hope you don’t think I am remiss, but I do so just want to reflect on this collective blessing for a little while. πŸ™‚

God Bless you All!

4 responses to “Words alone can not express …

  1. I can relate….words never seem to be able to cover the appreciation. The only answer that always comes to me in our situation here is doing the work like we say we do is our payback and Thank You to those who donate. So my words of wisdom ….hehehe :-))! are to work your butts off like you are and that will show your appreciation along with words……Keep on Keeping on Sherry and Ron! You will get there!

    • GM Lance, it’s just an epiphany of sorts ( another friend will like my usage πŸ˜‰ But a realization of that the benefits we are reaping here GO far beyond the financial relief and that is SO SPECIAL. Hugs my friend! Thank you.

  2. I’ve recently shared my own troubles and trials with you about dealing with the very same things that you are going through. What I’ve observed it that sometimes we have to get torn all the way down, to be built up .When I trained soldiers in basic training, I would deal with young men and women from all over and no matter how ready they were for BT, I would have to reduce them to nothing. Because if I allowed them to continue to learn with the wrong mindset, in the end I would have a trainee that doesn’t understand his or hers function as a soldier. The foundation must be right before you lay the first brick. That is what is probably happening with you right now. Your foundation is being leveled to build a bigger you!

    • Hi my friend. I do believe you are right. Hubby said the same thing after reading, YES, stripped down BARE! And I mean to tell ya! This turn around is coming at us so fast. So grateful! And a little scared! Does that make sense? Just wanna be worthy of it! HUGS Thank you for your friendship and insights. πŸ™‚

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