Friday Update, $1,145.00 Raised to Date


That’s over 36 percent of our overall $3,000.00 fundraising goal! Unbelievable!

In the last 36 hours alone, we’ve had three more donations come thru for us.

1) $240 ( an anonymous donor ) 2) $100 ( Louella ) 3) $50 (Amanda W.)

Because of this, we were able to pay the balance of June’s mortgage payment, have a few more of those day-to-day needs met and EVEN have some in ‘reserve’ to apply to the next item on our updated needs list.

Our HEARTFELT Thanks to each of you.

I am just slightly overwhelmed by ALL the generosity. πŸ™‚

It’s just so hard to believe that 2.5 months ago, we couldn’t even get our day-to-day needs met, and I am not exaggerating.

Today, things are so much better and we have high hopes that things will continue on in this vein.

I can’t stress this effectively or enough and I don’t want to dwell on it BUT 2.5 months ago, we were ALL but paralyzed in what we were able to do under our power. Yes, the resources ( opportunitie) were out there but IF you can’t get to them, what does it matter? That has all started to change and doors of opportunity are beginning to open up to us again AND we are just SO very grateful.

WE COULDN’T have done it without the help we found here and YES we still need help BUT every single solitary contribution ( large or small ) makes a HUGE difference for us.

Your donations are still needed and greatly appreciated.

God Bless You ALL!

Have an AWESOME weekend!

~ C

9 responses to “Friday Update, $1,145.00 Raised to Date

  1. I’m so glad things are getting better and I REALLY like your new theme (again!). I must admit the last made me feel sad. 😦 I find this all so sad. Before I got sick, my salaried paychecks were more than this and now I have my piddly SSDI that I shouldn’t complain about, but it doesn’t even cover rent (not to mention my medical expenses that were in the 5 figures last year). Will we ever get a break? I’m thankful you have your health still. It is a gift that can get stolen in the blink of an eye. I feel you guys will make it and that gives me some peace today, while my world is just crumbling.

    Thanks for not being a fake-follower, btw (boy, if I had a buck for every one of them). I really need to make the rounds more with my bookmarked peeps like you…
    Hugs, A πŸ™‚

    • Awwww. hugs, please don’t be sad. 😦 Yes things are coming along, slow but sure. Themes? Hmmmmm…….. Just like to keep thing fresh. And wp is is the only place I can redocorate. haha, without it costing me a dime! But , the old marketing tools learned in my first REAL advertising job! πŸ˜‰

      • Ha! I never thought about the redecorating. No chance of that for me either, especially in a motel! Haha. My brother made my blog as my vision was even worse before surgery and he has a background in graphic design, so can’t change it! We both like a clean look, so good enough (plus, I need it with my ghosted vision). I have another degree (oh, such wastes) in interior design and I really was good! ASID and all. If I had any energy, I’d add a design twist to my blog, but I’m killing myself to get 3 posts out a month. Ugh. Seems you have to go to Pinterest for design ( I couldn’t upload images on WP when I tried) and I’m not into social media at all–this was just to get info out to others with my rare diseases. Long reply back… πŸ™‚

      • I love design. And wanted to be an interior designor. I left my job at the newspaper on my 39th birthday to pursue web design. I LOVE IT!
        And for business I am into the kiss method as well. But I am ALSO very much into color! And it lets me express my personality in doing this! And of course this changes with my moods. LOL

      • Very cool. I’m a huge color and textiles person. Did you know that people usually gravitate towards the colors that look good on them? I completely do this. Lots of greens, chartreuse yellows, aquas/teals–I’m a fall (but need vibrant hues). Remember Color Me Beautiful? I still love that b/c I HATE when people don’t wear their colors and then do the same in their homes. The worst is a cool color on a warm person (like if I wore gray or cobalt–ghastly!). I really could never work with the people in these parts as they have no taste (or style), but I still love design and dream of secretly painting the walls in here and the horrid popcorn ceiling that at least I can’t see THAT well. πŸ™‚ Off to bed as the blazing sun is up…

  2. I actually wear alot of dark CLASSIC stuff but gotta have my burst of color too. Turquoise is my fav. Home is generally earthy tones, bursts of color. Working in prop management, I had to work in these types of environments. Work around someone else design taste. ANTIQUE white BLUUUUUUUUUACK. Anyway so. I do the neutrals and then I have splashes of color everywhere. My bedroom, I have a teal bedframe, and then I think IKea bedspread ( quilted like what movers use to protect furniture ) But the cotton kind. NOT the synthetic stuff they use today. with bold almost southwesten flair stripes with every color in the rainbow. Yellow sheets. It’s pretty!

    • Bed frame sounds great! Love that color. All my vintage bedroom furniture (in storage) was refurbished yrs ago (by me) and done in aqua. I love it and all the vintage accessories that tied it all together. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll see it all again someday… Take care!

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