Donations in any amt are STILL needed and GREATLY appreciated.


We need help with this immediate need! Our car insurance lapsed a few months ago. And we need car insurance by tomorrow to avoid Drivers license suspension.

The last couple of days, has been spent getting quotes from various insurance companies because it doesn’t look like we can afford what Geico is asking for reinstatement after lapsing. Almost $250.

PLEASE SEE OUR NEEDS PAGE ( left) for a detailed list of what the needs still are.

General Direct was the most affordable and they have an office near us. We have the majority of the down payment in pay pal. And another GOFundme fundraising check in route to us but that is not expected until Wednesday or as late as Friday as the 4th falls on Thursday. Again though, we are a day late and a few dollar short at this moment!

My husband’s drivers license suspension is pending ( because of the lapse in insurance) and according to notice, we must provide valid car insurance by 7/2/2013 to avoid suspension. IF his drivers license is suspended, we will have to pay another ( up to $500 ) to get them reinstated.

$50.00 or so, would resolve this particular issue for us TODAY.

If you’d like and are able. you can wire to us via Western Union. Our personal contact info is on our donation page. Then you can email me the tracking info. @

OR donate via PayPal. From paypal, we can load to our debit card. And use the debit card to secure the insurance tomorrow morning.

As I have said many times before, all donations ( large or small) ADD up and are making a HUGE difference for us. Still we have a ways to go. 😦

We GREATLY appreciate all the support, and continued support ( monetary and otherwise) .

God Bless You ALL and have a wonderful Sunday.

~ C

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