Yesterday, TODAY and Hopes for Tomorrow!


Today, instead of focusing on what the needs ARE, I want to focus on what the needs WERE .

Back in April, I posted the first item on this checklist . TMI? I am sorry! But this was the REALITY.

The one thing I failed to mention early on, WAS that the last month before I went public with this, I was actually IMPRISONED in my own home for almost a month. Not because I wanted to live like a hermit, but because I could not face the world in the state I was in. NOBODY should have to live like that. I felt like a caged animal.

I am reclusive to a point in my nature anyway, but ad a bit of misfortune to this AND I was toast.

Things were so bad at that point, I couldn’t even think about goals, or the possibility of actually making any real progress BECAUSE the immediate needs were so GREAT! 🙂

BUT we’ve come so far! Slowly as we moved out of our crisis situation ( AND YES, I mean CRISIS) , I could actually see and assign a monetary goal to this fundraiser which was ( and still is) $3000.00. This amount will in no way solve all our financial woes BUT it will definitely release us from our overwhelming burdens that are still on our plate. PLEASE SEE our NEEDS page

As a direct result of this fundraiser, $1,245.00 has been raised to DATE.

WE ARE MORE than 1/3 of the way there! Be assured, your contributions have made a REAL DIFFERENCE for us.

As an indirect result, other things are beginning to turn in our favor.

Like the ability to get to and from appointments, interviews. In effect, opening doors to agency assistance that we were shut off from before, simply because we couldn’t afford the gas to get to them. Let alone, being able to show up with any kind of respectable presentation. Even washing our clothes had become an issue.

Again, we’ve come a long way BUT still have a ways to go!

Your DONATIONS are STILL needed and GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you all so very much!

We are so very GRATEFUL for your kindnesses, support, following, sharing and friendship!

God Bless

18 responses to “Yesterday, TODAY and Hopes for Tomorrow!

    • Thank you. Hopefully it WILL. I have no reason to doubt that it will. 🙂 And I haven’t forgotten your book. Things have been SOOOOOOOOOOO crazy. And This is the first day Ron has been to work. Last weekend he showed up but wasn’t needed . When he is here, there is no private time on computer. We share it. He hovers and it’s maddening. 🙂 Aside from that, been really busy trying to get my life back in order. Sifting thru paperwork, going to appointments, interviews. dodging deadlines. Please be patient with me. I AM a work in progress. HUGS Jade, Thank you for the encouragement, 🙂

  1. im not sure but i beleive UHAUL work from home job i think you can clic on any state since youll be work form home anyways right? 11 buck an hour.

  2. good luck with it all remmeber to set aside for taxes but there are some sincere legit compaies that allow you to work from home. hilton hotel, expedia (online hotel reservation), apple, amazon. You just type in compay and put in work from home jobs.

  3. oh who knows maybe youmight even be able to find a camping job online work from home like a well known camp company thru america and maybe they have well know jobs work form home? Just put it in google and put next to it work from home for that company.

    beware of weird company you arent aware of but i didnt know know this was out there.

  4. Congratulations on the money you’ve raised so far…that is fantastic! I remember when you were first starting out & look at you now!!!

  5. I’m glad to see your checked off list and thanks for the like, as always. I still have you bookmarked and will check in on you as I can. Aside from all my Dr. appts., now I have kitty’s and it all drains me, hence my main reason to stop blogging. Boy, you should see the vet bills I have (thank you savings account that I only use for surgeries for my cat and myself), but I don’t care–I’ll do anything to try and have more time with her. We already live in a motel, right? Lol. I really appreciate you supporting my blog while it was active, as well. Sending positive vibes your way for continued success getting out of the mud…

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