Monday 7/8/2013 Help still NEEDED. Please and Thank you! :)


WOW! It’s July 8th already. But look how far we’ve come. 🙂 Our goal is $3000.00. $1,245.00 ( or its equivalent) has been raised to date meaning we still need to raise another $1,750.00 to get where we need to be to take back our lives ( particularly our world) .

The BIGGEST concern right this moment would be our mortgage which needs to be paid in full by July 16th.

Thanks to your support, we are out of crisis and slowly moving forward. We couldn’t have done it with out you and still have a few BIGGIES on our PLATE that if reckoned with, will make our comeback that much easier. That being said our fundraising efforts continue. ….

PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW and IMPROVED DONATIONS page for convenient ways to help us with our cause.

Just a mention, PAY PAL donations are preferred!


( by clicking on this link you will be directed to our website where you will see an official pay pal button )

ALL DONATIONS ( large and small) are greatly appreciated!

Even smaller donations ADD up so please don’t be shy! 🙂

Thank you ALL again.

I can’t say this enough BUT we are in AWE of the response to this fundraiser.

Well I must get on with my day. We have a couple of appointments to go to that have the potential help us a great deal too. One being getting my husband on Medicaid due to worsening health issues.

Have a Wonderful Day!

~ C

CORRECTED DATE! I am still back in June, I guess! 7/8/2013 HA!

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