Everything is Going to be Alright. :)


Some days are better than others no doubt but this evening I hold tight to this truth. I heard from TJ, who seemed very lucid and taking care of business. At least he is going through the motions which is cathartic in itself.

With my stepson gone back north , TJ is back in Broward and staying with family friends. They are planning a candlelight memorial for Sarra on Friday evening. I’d like to be there. Whether I go or not is up in the air.

Here on the homefront, all is quiet. Again, I can’t help but appreciate the respite. Or the lessons God is teaching me in this process.

I truly believe, everything is going to be alright. Maybe not today, but eventually!


Image Credit : Lovely Quotes of Love

All But Homeless is a personal fundraiser to help us recover from financial ruin. Donations needed and greatly appreciated. Our story is told in the pages left , Thank you ALL for your kind support.


4 responses to “Everything is Going to be Alright. :)

  1. I was truly saddened to read of your family’s loss and I am so glad that you have managed to contact her father and find that he is holding up okay. I can only imagine what a tough time it has been for you, added on to all of the other dramas that you are dealing with. I believe that God is indeed helping you and I hope that eventually everything will be alright for you. Take care.

  2. Thanks Jade. Yes, it will be. Things will be ok. I have been riding this life’s rollercoaster for a long time. The odds are in my favor. I just have to ride the misfortune out. Hugs

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss my sweet friend. I am thankful that you can lean on God during these hard times. We are here for you too! xoxo

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