Life is Sometimes Messy …


I am not sure where to begin. This last week has been really hard ( you might say downright depressing ) with Sarra’s untimely death and all. Didn’t get half as much done as we had hoped to on the home front with our DIY projects , emotionally I am drained as is the pocketbook and it appears even the fundraising has suffered ( just to add a little more frustration ) to the mix.

We did manage one dump run with the help of a friend ( which put a dent in our garbage problem and stirred up a bunch of fruit flies ) with a $50.00 dump fee price tag. And were FINALLY able to negotiate a reduction in our old garbage bill which puts us back in good graces and enables us to resume our services this coming Friday so we paid them $125.00 dollars which was an unexpected but necessary expense. So bottom line, and the at the risk of putting it bluntly, we are tapped out again and only half way through the garbage project.

There is SO much left to do! Sometimes I wonder how many people truly understand how important and how genuine these needs are.

All we want is our life back!

We began this fundraiser ( 3 months ago ) with a $3000.00 goal. We have raised $59 % of that. All went to the intended purpose.

So as of today, Sunday, July 28, 2013, WE STILL have a $57 balance due for July’s mortgage payment and the house still NEEDS a lot of work ( combined represents the $ 1,235.00 we still hope to raise in this fundraising effort ) Nothing has changed BUT the slow progress and date on the calendar.

We can’t give up! We can’t walk away. AND WE STILL NEED your HELP!

Life goes on indeed, inspite of these things we have no control of. All we can do is keep trying.

So please, if you are able HELP us OUT with this. All donations GREAT and SMALL are GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you ALL SO MUCH and have a BLESSED Sunday!

~ C

2 responses to “Life is Sometimes Messy …

  1. Thank you for always taking time out to visit and like the post. Today I noticed you stopped by and liked it and I was wondering after you read the post what are you thankful to Jesus for..Would you tell others what you are thankful for. I will await your comment on the site…God bless..

    • Hey Desiray! Good Topic on your blog today.

      Thanks for the gentle nudge.

      Right this moment… hmmmm……. I am thankful for this gentle nudge. 🙂 I am also thankful that I have a roof over my head and dinner of the table tonight . But I’ve got lots in this life to be grateful for. Now I wish I was better at quoting direct scripture, ( my husband is the theologian in our family) BUT I am grateful because the bible teaches us to be grateful for all things and to lean not on our own understanding, to always have faith. And I always do as I am told. 🙂 Ok, not always, but I am only human BUT guess what? Jesus loves me anyway . I am grateful, that my FATHER has the power to heal, cleanse and save me ( us) mankind! Because I sure am counting on it! Praise God! AMEN!

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