Needs Update : 8/1/2013

Updated 8/01/2013


We still need to raise approximately $ 1, 200.00 in this effort. $300.00 of which is NEEDED immediately.

The balance will go towards making our home habitable again after a year or so of ill-repair due to living well below the poverty line and not being able to maintain our home properly.

1) Garbage Disposal Needs ( an accumulation of household garbage stacked up on our porch ( badly needed outdoor living space ) that needs disposing of. The cause is from from not being able to pay for our regular trash service for several months , and then an escalation of the bill long after service was stopped )

We have been able to deal with some of this already but unfortunately, we under-estimated what it would cost to remedy this issue.

2) Septic Service ( within a month of moving in, we realized this problem but remedied it by not using our washer. But the problem is back with a vengeance. Bottom line, our septic systems needs pumped out )

3) Home Maintenance & Repairs to include a major plumbing fix Right now we can’t use our kitchen sink at all and our only water source is in the bathroom.

4) We desperately need to purchase a used washing machine.

Donations are GLADLY accepted through Pay Pal , GOFundMe or Snail mail. Gift cards help too!


PAY PAL is the easiest way for me to access ( and make use of ) funds immediately!

If you have a paypal account, you can send funds using our email address which is

OR if you’d like to donate to any ( or any portion of one item ) directly to specific entity, PLEASE LET ME know.

I will GLADLY provide specifics for individual needs per your request.

For instance, my mortgage holder can be paid directly. She has a paypal account or I can provide a mailing address.

Same goes for the disposal services and a few other items listed here.

Smaller donations, even $5, $10, $20 add up too!

Thank you so MUCH for anything you can do. God Bless You All!

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