And here on the Homefront … FUNDS still NEEDED. Please and thank you.


Can you see me now? ๐Ÿ™‚

Our reality is that WE are heading in to the hardest month of the year here in our neck of the woods especially for poor folks like us . The fleamarket, where my husband works two days a week, CLOSES for the entire month of August meaning the ability to make an money on our own, is sharply diminished. I know he is VENDING at a gun show next week but that is NEXT week. The product ( ammunition ) is that of one of our consignors from our now defunct thrift store who we are still associated with. My husband makes a a small commission on sales.

September marks the beginning of tourist season here in Florida and things will open up for us ALL again. September though seems a long way off.

Our August is further explained in todays GoFundMe update here.

All of our donations are posted here as well.

As far as our fundraiser goes. In the last 16 days, we have had four donations come in. One for $200 which went to last months mortgage, another for $20, another for $60 ( also to last month’s mortgage ) and a $10.00 donation that went into the gas tank yesterday. Thank you Laura.

As far as the reserves we had put aside for our DYI home projects, $125 was paid to FDS Disposal which handled an old bill. And $50 went to dump fees and for only one dump run. We still have a few to make. As well we still need to make the home repairs that I am always talking about.

August is BY far the best time to handle these repairs because quite frankly there is nothing else to do but wait for the season to kick in again.

I can’t STRESS how important these needed repairs are in making our live’s livable again.

Thanks to food assistance, we have food in the house again. which makes things easier BUT broke it a hard place to be.

As always we are GRATEFUL for the kind words, support and continued support .

BOTTOM line though is We have a dollar and change in our pocket presently….

With that said, I am reaching out here in hopes that a few more miracle makers to come forward to help.

We have set up several ways to donate on our donation page. PayPal is honestly the post convenient for us BECAUSE it gives us immediately access, but whatever you can do ( or feel comfortable doing ) IS GREATLY appreciated!

If you have a paypal account you can do a friend-to-friend donation using our email address which is or click on the regular papal button at the following link .


( click on this link will open up a new page)

Thank you ALL!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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