I am not big on the reblogging thing for various reasons BUT this one REALLY struck a chord with me the other day when I saw it. And YES I had to repost this one! It’s so visual !

Mustard Seed Budget


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8 responses to “Patience

      • Hi thanks, I guess It depends on what you consider ACUTE! The site was built in desperation 3 months ago WHEN WE REALLY were in immediate DANGER of losing the roof over our head. Things have improved through some kind souls helped along with a keen sense of survival and a lot of faith. However, in 3- 1/2 months, we have had some relief with the $1,885.00 raised. Our goal is $,3000. 00 and there ARE needs that have not been met yet. And donations have really slowed. Today we .32 cents to our name so it is getting hard again to get through the day to day. Not to mention the items we have on our wish list which would make things MUCH better for us if dealt with . And it is quite scary.

        Thank you for your prayers. And may GOD continue to BLESS you and yours!

      • Thanks for sharing. Wish I could help, but am not in a situation (yet) to give. I’ll pray for you. You can pray for me. Through an internet business that I am launching, I am trying to raise the money to pay for a surgery for the Guatemalan pastor’s daughter. He took over the church after we left Guatemala after 16 years of being missionaries. Their need is also acute.

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