I am OVER life.

OK Folks, it is time for me to step outside my self for a moment. to support someone else who is suffering and I ask you to do the same, I hope you all will take a moment to stop by her blog and maybe leave an encouraging word. We all need this from time to time and I know from experience, that an encouraging word is sometimes all it takes to brighten someone’s day. Thanks and God Bless.

In My Shoes

I don’t complain about my problems to other people anymore, because when I have in the past, I have been looked down on, been told I shouldn’t feel this way, been judged, or someone has tried to one up me and tell me about how their problems are much worse.

When you have a mental illness, or multiple mental illnesses in my case, you continuously fight an internal battle, a silent fight that no one else can see. No one else would even know if you don’t tell them.

Today, I am tired of fighting it. I am tired of fighting this internal battle, on top of dealing with the external problems that life is throwing at me.

I feel worthless. I feel inconvenient. I feel like a burden. Like people only deal with me so they won’t have to hear me bitch.

And I just wish it would all…

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