So VERY close now, and the count down continues…


5 days left in August, $ 805.00 dollars to Goal! This goal seems so elusive sometimes.

But I know it’s not impossible.

We are at a critical stage in this fundraiser as deadlines are closing in AGAIN. The pressure is building. 😦

The BIGGY is the mortgage payment in the amount of $431.87 which was due on the 16th and remains unpaid.

That being said, your donations are still needed and very much appreciated!


PAY PAL is PREFERRED for a couple of reasons. 1) Funds are transferred in REAL TIME giving us immediate access. 2) My mortgage holders have an pay pal account and I can transfer directly to them from my pay pal account. 3) The donations are easier to keep track of with their statement system.

Thank you all for your support and continued support.

God Bless…

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