Some how, some way!


I have to believe that this is all going to pull together for us. Yesterday we received unexpected ( but long overdue) money from outside of this fundraiser which helped pay the power bill that I was fretting yesterday . 🙂

Thank you GOD!

And the countdown continues … 3 days left in August , thanks to donations and what we have been able to do on our end, most of our needs have been met this month with one exception. the August mortgage payment remains unpaid. The amount is $ 431.87.

This is the minimum that has to be paid each month to honor a promise and to keep a roof over our head. It was due on the 16th. Our grace period ends on Saturday.

If not paid by then, they have promised to start foreclosure and I believe them.

They have been working with us for awhile now. I have written several articles on the subject.

If anyone is interested in helping with this, ( or any portion of this ) it would be greatly appreciated.

This can be paid directly to our mortgage holder through Pay Pal. We will gladly provide specifics

If you have questions, please ask.

Again, DONATIONS are STILL needed! We need to reach our goal.

Thank you all for the amazing support and continued support as we inch closer.

What a journey this has been.

Have a GREAT day ALL and GOD Bless.

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