What she said… (1st of several posts I plan to write today) Stay tuned!!!!


I would like to begin this day by thanking my friend and fellow blogger Mish . She wrote an article in my behalf yesterday. This is not the first article she’s written for me, probably like the third or fourth. She has been HUGELY supportive since the beginning! And I’ll even go as far to say that I didn’t understand why she was so eager to help us as she did. Not until I happened upon a comment she made on another’s blog concerning her own family member who is also struggling.

Anyway, Mish has this uncanny ability to get in my head, and express what I so often feel but don’t often express openly for various reasons. .

She HITS on several major points that I am often too frustrated to articulate with as much grace when I write some of my more angsty posts.

She has definitely outdone herself here and if you haven’t read the post I ask you to do so today .


All I can say Mish, is that you are more than welcome to climb up on your soapbox and speak in my behalf anytime! And if your soapbox ever wears out, you can borrow mine! 🙂

Thanks MISH ! Truly!


2 responses to “What she said… (1st of several posts I plan to write today) Stay tuned!!!!

  1. Hence the name “Mishunderstood” ! I reach out because I can’t stand to see people in need when so many people are able to help. It frustrates me! Here is a forum where we have the opportunity to literally make changes in people’s lives with so little effort. I am only one person, but I can only hope that others join in. Thanks for understanding me. 🙂

    • It does FRUSTRATE me too! To no end sometimes. I mean LONG BEFORE it was me who NEEDED. Ya know what I mean? THE GOOD news is that there are a few people, like yourself and others like you. I shudder to think of where we would be without the support ( monetary and otherwise) We are truly getting more assistance because of this blog then have gotten from our own families in the last two years. AND to me, its mind-boggling. The help we have gotten from family are from those least able to do it! BUT anyway, thank you AGAIN! And thanks to everyone. REALLY! It’s PRETTY amazing! HUGS

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