September Fundraiser Stats ( We’re at 87 %) WOW!


I begin this post by thanking an anonymous donor ( not anonymous to us) for coming through for us once AGAIN with a $400.00 donation yesterday which brings our fundraising total to $2,610.00 in the course of 4.5 months.

Other stats. 4.5 months, $2,610.00 Raised to date ( this included gift cards ) , 180 + followers, 19 individual donors, 5 have come through for us more than once. And we are at 87 % of the original $3000.00 Goal!

Ideally, we would love to raise the balance of $390.00, sooner, as opposed to later …. YES it IS POSSIBLE! πŸ™‚ So once again I must say YOUR DONATIONS are still NEEDED and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

If you would like to donate via pay-pal, please click here.( you will be directed to our personal website where you will find a button for paypal. ) Click on it to donate any amount )

Besides the monetary aspects, so many more have liked, shared, wrote articles in our behalf, left encouraging comments, and as I had hoped, we’ve met MANY wonderful people on this journey of ours AND made some friends.

So bottom line is that we have GOTTEN so much more out of this than we could have ever imagined!

You guys ( and girls ) have been so INCREDIBLY awesome!

Thank you ALL! πŸ™‚

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