12 days shy of 5 mo. Anniversary, $390.00 to Our Goal!


We would love to reach it in the next 12 days. We actually NEED to reach our goal sooner than that. Do you think we can do it? I do! 🙂 Because of the length of time it has taken us to get this far, not all the needs have been reckoned with, however, reaching our goal would give us a fighting chance. Wheeeeww!

It’s exciting to think about it. SO very very very very close NOW.

If we received 20, $20.00 donations…

If we got 39, $10 donations …

8, $50 dollar donations …

or 4, $100.00 donations… We’d be covered!

My husband finally goes back to work tomorrow. I am working feverishly to get my web design services launched again. And also have started with Amazon Mechanical Turks. All the while still applying for jobs that present themselves. I am hoping that interviews will come of at least a few of those I applied for last week,

Donations are still NEEDED and GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks to all of you who have supported us and continued to support us in this effort.

What an AWESOME thing you are doing for us.


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