“If we did all the
things we were capable of doing
we would literally astonish ourselves…”


Quote : Unknown

Image Credit : Reiki Revolution

7 responses to “Agree?

    • HI Mish! Yes, me too. I LOVE this! And BELIEVE most days. In life we take these baby steps ( and never see the BIG PICTURE unless we follow through) Sometimes it takes more courage and determination than we think we have. This blog is an example. BUT also when I was little and had a stroke. I quite literally had to look at my ring finger to determine left from right well up into my 20s. Typing, I taught myself. And type as fast as the average office worker practically one -handed. It affected my motor skills and I have always been slightly off center ( never very coordinated and slower at everything.) Athletics was NEVER a strong point either. I could always swim like a FISH, and I became quite good at endurance walking….. NOT fast but I could go on unbelievable treks. DAILY. I lost 50 lbs inn the process too. That was pretty amazing feat to me. And I will never forget the time someone called me an accomplished athlete! 😀 One of my proudest moments. .. Anyway, thank you Mish for your comment.

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