All But Homeless IS 4 Months Old Today!

It’s our 4 month Anniversary!!!! Graph shows donations per month.

Start Date : April 17, 2013
Followers: 154
Repeat Donors: 4
Fundraising Goal $3000.00
As of yesterday, we are 2/3rds of the way to Goal!
We have Raised $2000.00 to Date!( includes gift cards )

Donation Avenues in order of popularity!

1) Pay Pal RULES as a popular method indicated by amounts received through Pay Pal !
2) GoFundme is NEXT!
3) Snail Mail comes in last which surprises me a little, with only 4 items received this way, including a greeting card, a nice letter, a check and 3 gift cards!

We are in AWE of the overall response that we have gotten so far !


Ideally we’d love to reach our goal before the end of August! Please will you help us make that happen. We still have some pretty important needs YET to be met!


Thank you ALL for your generosity and support ( monetary and otherwise) It has meant the world to us !

Wishing you ALL a GREAT weekend!

God Bless You All!

Thanks for crossing our path and following us on our journey !


“We don’t meet people
by accident,
they are meant to
cross our path
for a reason ~ Unknown

Whoot! All But Homeless has 101 Followers. We have passed the 100 Follower mile mark in the past few days!

Thank you ALL so much!

A NEW Fundraising Perspective! Whoot! Progress!

I am so excited this morning. Little by little, things are turning around for us .

YAY! Thank you ALL SO much!

Theoretically, if all continues to go in the direction it is going and IF we can get the following needs met, we’d be in a pretty good place. At least stable enough to go on from here. Perhaps I am being a tad optimistic, however a month ago, I couldn’t have itemized this list with as much clarity. That’s how overwhelmed I was. SO YES, we are seeing some AMAZING PROGRESS in our fundraising effort.

The following represents OUR GREATEST NEEDS, as of this moment! Click on the image to see the BIG picture! If you have questions, please ask. If you’d like to donate, please do!

Donations are gladly accepted thru paypal or GoFundme.

We have also provided a mailing address ( Donation Page on MENU LEFT ) if you would like to send funds or gift cards directly to us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not send CASH.

You can also pay most of these items directly to intended entity/service provider . Please email me for pertinent details.
We most definitely still need some help! But we are SO thankful for all the support ( monetary and otherwise) we have found here!

God Bless You ALL.


PS This list DOES NOT in anyway cover all of our NEEDS or indebtedness! That is not our goal here. WE just want our lives back and ya’ll are helping us get the accomplished 🙂 ! Thank you….

~ C

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding… ( in quick succession) I have an announcement!



She steps proudly up onto her soap box, clears her throat, blows into the microphone and with GREAT pleasure announces ….. All But Homeless has 50 FOLLOWERS! Cool beans!


50 as in 5-0, so 50 must be my lucky number. And I am pleased because I haven’t been feeling very LUCKY lately!

So if you don’t mind, I am taking this as a good omen!

I have watching for this VERY SPECIAL milestone on both of my blogs, and both blogs surprisingly have been running neck and neck for days now. Even though my other blog has been in existence longer.

TODAY, with the visit of a very nice lady from Australia, the ALL BUT HOMELESS blog, pulled ahead by one BUT then again, all it takes is one sometimes … right?

Offically the FOLLOW # is 51, but I am one of my own followers, and I don’t count in that figure.

I was going to mention it earlier, but my new Aussie friend was taking the grand tour of my newly decorated pages and I didn’t want to distract her. 🙂


I felt very honored! So just wanted to thank you for showing up today, for following me, and for making this day truly memorable!

Thank you so much Miss Louella.

~ C