!?! Time Crunch and another Poor Folk Catch 22 !?! RESOLVED!



DOWN to the WIRE! This concerns auto insurance and a pending drivers license suspension as of midnight tonight without coverage.

IF the drivers license is suspended, our tags will be pulled, there will be penalty fees added to all this to get straighted out with Florida DMV

Ironically, we have the down payment (80.00 in paypal) and another $45.75 in route to us. Let me rephrase, we have what we need IF the check comes in today, the cows come home and the creek doesn’t rise. Sighs. STILL. if the check comes in today, it will take some major scrambling today to get it done!

Our biggest PROBLEM is IMMEDIATE ACCESS to this funding.

I thought I had it all dealt with over the weekend, by purchasing temporary debit at Dollar General for $4.95 to link to paypal funds. EXCEPT , not only did they want the $4.95, they wanted another $20.00 in CASH loaded to the card. CASH, that we didn’t have. Anotherwords which doesn’t make sense, I could not pay for it with paypal funds, but I can buy anything else in the store with paypal funds!

Therein lies the problem for us.


I just put our last $5 in the gas tank and my husband is on his way to town to a doctors’ appt. From there he will come home and wait for mail. If the check arrives, we will head back out to cash it on a wing and a prayer.

And then stop by the local General Direct office to secure our insurance which will leave us totally broke.

Donations desperately NEEDED.

And if someone is willing to Western Union the funds. that is even better!

PLEASE RESPOND if you are able to help in any way.

Our contact info is on our DONATION page. Funds can be sent to Cheryl.

Anything you can do IS greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Please wish us luck as ( we will need it) and have a wonderful day!

““` God Bless



The thing about not having alot of money is it is so much easier to keep track of. Such was the case yesterday.

On the way home yesterday afternoon, I made three stops ( the gas station, Key Training Thrift store, and Save-a-lot) At Save-a-lot I spent exactly $8.05. The manager checked me out And then I put my change and receipt in my change purse as I always do. I found the receipt in my change purse.

Once home, I do what I always do and tried to account for my purchases.

I freaked when things just didn’t add up.

So as casually as I could muster, I asked my husband IF by chance he never gave me the $10 intended for gas.

Well, you know how that goes.

‘Yes of course I did, why?’

Well I had to be truthful and while he remained even-tempered, I could feel the angst building.

Not to mention feeling my own angst.

There was a count, and recount, figures were scribbled on the back of an envelope. Pockets were checked and rechecked. The car was checked. Did you check the floorboard?

After counting the silver in my change purse, I surmised there was at least, $10 dollars missing.

“Think” Did you stop anywhere else?” Nooooooo, I didn’t!

“Are you sure?”

Yes of course I am sure!

When he was absolutely sure he couldn’t get me to crack he simply said “Let it Go! ” and then he settled into an uncomfortable silence as if he had caught me in a fib or something.

There was a time when I was earning my own keep where I would just NOT mention a purchase to avoid the third degree. He used to call this lieing through omission.

But this wasn’t the case. Not the case at all and I couldn’t let it go as it really bothered me.

I decided to call Save-a-lot NEVER really expecting a manager to admit to a money mistake.

But I had to try. In that instant, it was more about being right, to let him know that I knew without actually slinging accusations. I know, my bad!

Amazingly enough. He did!

‘Yes maaa’aaaaam I did have an overage. But are you sure it wasn’t $12?’

I smiled, realizing in that instant that it was.

Save-alot is one one of those stores that offers a 40% savings on most of their items but you have to bag your own groceries. And you have to buy the bags. A surplus of stock boxes are usually kept up front for customers to pack their groceries in . But when I checked out I realized at the last moment that there were not any. So after I had all but checked out, I purchased two brown paper grocery bags. The manager had trouble adding the bags to my total.

But to keep the line moving he did some quick figuring and I handed him a 20.00 bill and one nickel meaning he owed me $12.00 in change.

With the last minute distraction, I got the receipt but not the change. :/

These things happen. What doesn’t happen often ( at least to me) is to have a store employee fess up to a mistake. let alone a store manager.

It would have been so easy for him to just pocket that $12.00.

But he didn’t and for that I am so GRATEFUL.

I was praising God before I even got off the phone.

The manager seemed pleased that I appreciated his integrity.

Such a little thing. BUT HUGE for me these days.


Every Storm…


History has taught me this and I hold fast to this belief today. Some days it is harder than others.

Yesterday, my husband set up to do a yard sale ( with plans for doing it again today) and made $6 in the first couple of hours. By noon, the clouds rolled in again So he battened down the hatches.

Today, I woke to thunder off in the distance. It just started raining again and from the sounds of it, it intends to hang around for awhile, chasing away another day of opportunity. 😦

Credit : Honestly not sure where the image came from but the words are from the song by Gary Allan, Every Storm ( runs out of rain ) It’s a beautiful song, if you haven’t heard it, take a listen.

Hannie turns two on Saturday


I am the proud paternal grandmother of four little wonders. Their photos can be seen on Photos of Us Page ( left) They range in age from almost 10 down to almost 2. The eldest, a girl was lucky enough to have me around a bit when she was real little because I could afford to make the trips because I was working. Now that she is older, she has a busy little schedule of her very own and it is catch “Mizz Independent” as catch can. She is turning into an awesome girl! On the honor roll, involved in Girl Scouts, loves to read.

The last three were born in just over a year’s time. Now that took some planning.

I did make it to their births and most functions that first year or so because again I was working.

Em turned three last month and due to our financial situation I was unable to go. I wrote about it here However, I did make it to her first and second birthday party, so I could almost justify not being there in May.

Evan ( my #1 grandson) turned two in March and I was able to make it to his birthday. However, I wasn’t at his 1st birthday party. 😦 That was devastating.

Hannie, the most emotional of the three, had a bit of stranger anxiety so they really didn’t have a huge celeration for her the first year. Just because of who she was so I didn’t go. But she is turning two on Saturday and I would so love to be there.

Both my biological sons and their families live in the Metro Orlando area. Not far, but our situation keeps me far removed and that is probably the most heart-wrenching consequence of our entire mess.

The maternal grand parents of the three girls are there in Orlando and have daily contact with them…

They are REALLY awesome people and a dream to – QUAD – GRANDPARENT with.

I just WISH I could spend more time with all of them.

~ C

2:16 pm, Friday. Still guarding the power meter! Update


So here I am, on a glorious Friday afternoon and I’m waiting for my lights to get shut off. Tho’ I believe I remember hearing that they don’t do shut-offs on Friday afternoon. I only wish I could be sure. But I heard it somewhere, either in the last 18 months because I have called them plenty, or it could have been the water company. I have called them too. Or maybe it was when I worked in prop. mgmt when I had 100 meters to shepherd. Dunno. But it is a small miracle that I might indulge myself in this afternoon. 🙂 ~ C

If you are willing and financially able to help with this bill of $145.61 ( or any portion of it) it can be paid directly to the service provider.

If you would like to help me, by paying this bill, please email me ASAP at allbuthomeless@gmail.com And I will gladly provide you with account information and the customer service number for Duke Energy ( formally Progress-Energy ) .

Alternatively, if by chance I’m DISCONNECTED, you can call Lance Greene at:

Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545

He has my e-bill, and can provide you with the same information.

Thank you ONCE again.

Anything you can possibly do is greatly appreciated!

Disconnect UPDATE! 11:58 am, Thursday


Well for the moment I am still here. spoke to Duke Energy ( Formally Progress Energy) this morning, and all they will tell me at this point is NOTHING, other than my lights will be shut off without payment. PERIOD, end of story..

IF I stop posting today , it’s because my power got shut off. I DID’NT fall off the face of the earth, or didn’t abandon this blog or this fundraising effort . BUT I am that much more invisible and handicapped with no means of communication.

If my power gets shut off it means MY SITUATION just got ten times worse AND that within a few hours, temperatures inside my home will reach 100 degrees or more with no possible airflow . BECAUSE the former owner, out of fear of her safety, apparently had all the windows bolted shut. Well it’s an older mobile home and things have settled a bit. We haven’t removed the bolts out of fear of breaking windows. 😦

it will also mean, no phone or refrigeration.

I am a little nauseous at the moment, just thinking about it.

If, my power gets shut off, It will cost more money to get it restored. And that amount will almost double in a few days!

SO you SEE, I need you NOW more than EVER! You, and a little divine intervention.

PLEASE PARDON my REDUNDANCY HERE. But this is a BAD situation.

If you can HELP please I beg you to call ( or text) Lance Greene at Straight Ahead Outreach

~ (Taking Back Your Life) Inc. A Faith Based Mobile Crisis Outreach 727-288-1545


He has my e-bill, contact information for the power company and an emergency contact # for me.

He said he would be glad to walk anyone thru the by phone payment process.

YOu can also email me for this information, but as of now I don’t know how long I can access my email. NO POWER, PUTER, NO COMMUNICATION! 😦

Paying the power company directly is EASY! And you have the comfort in knowing that the payment ( OR ANY portion of the payment) was made directly to them and that your payment is SECURE.

Alternatively, you can also visit my donations pagefor other ways to help.

Thanks for all you have done, and all you might be able to do!

Sorry, I am scared at the moment and just waiting .

~ C