So now I am a movie critic. Smiles

We don’t have cable ( an expense we can’t afford but I actually quit paying for the service before it got this bad) and have absolutely no tv reception from any source, As a result we read and watch alot of movies (mostly from the library) which doesn’t have a very big selection.

Flywheel was one of those movies we chose because of its unfamiliar title. So many, we’ve seen before.

It is a low BUDGET film, and not the BEST acting, perhaps even over simplifed but the message is PROFOUND! I recommend to anyone who is struggling with their spiritual stability.

It is about a used car dealer who finds redemption after years of shady business practices.

I related to it because property management ( the career, we left) is a lot like selling used cars. 😦

But most people can relate in one way or another, especially when our beliefs don’t quite jive with real life work-related goals/ obligations.

If you can get a hold of it. Please watch!


Guarding the Electric Meter (Updated 11:40 pm Eastern Time)

Update 11:40 pm EST : For now, we still have power. Tomorrow IS another story.



As if I could actually stop them if/when they show up to disconnect service. As of this morning, The order had not been picked up yet, whatever that means, but it’s there and looming. So today, I sit, I wait, I listen for the sound of a heavy truck. The sounds of heavy trucks are everywhere and send me in to panic every time I hear one. It rained today . A double edge sword. It’s really bad for business and hubby is home early armed with a few provisions , but the rain also keeps the wolves away from my electric meter is my best guess. The later it gets in the day, I’m told, the better chance that it remains on for the night . If not today, then tomorrow. This much I am sure of. On edge, and of course, this is where they want me. I am so tired of this.


Update 11:40 pm EST : For now, we still have power. Tomorrow IS another story.

IF if anyone would like to help us pay this BILL, or contribute to this bill.

PLEASE call….

Lance Greene/Founder
Straight Ahead Outreach Inc.

I have given him ALL PERTINENT Progress Energy account info and we will be able to provide you with this information IF I can’t. If my pwer gets shut off I will not have a phone or access to email 😦 .

I am certain I will be able to post early in the morning.

Thanks to AlL for LIKING, FOLLOWING and SHARING our story.

For now, I have to close my eyes. I am stressed and a horrible headache is setting in.

God Bless –

~ C


HELP PLEASE ! Light Bill Remains Unpaid! Still NEED $100 by tomorrow AM .

bottle in the ocean

And we still need to raise $100 in the next 15 hours to avoid disconnection of service!.

IF you can HELP, please EMAIL me ASAP!

This bill can be paid directly to the service provider and I will gladly provide the account details per email request.

Thank you all so much!

Value Assessment


If you are reading this, chances are you are following our blog and if you are following our blog there must be a reason. ( >>> continued.. ) I’d like to think you are at the very least interested in our story. I’d love to think that some of you might even be concerned about our welfare, even if you are still struggling with the idea of helping.

With that said, I’d like to focus on the following quote.

“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

This quote reminds me of a year or so ago, when we first realized we were deep financial trouble and how we were treated ( by most ( not all) in our family) when asking for help. How their responses or lack thereof made us feel. Kind of worthless is the best way I can describe it. Like we had no value at all. And at the risk of being redundant here. It HURTS! Does things to your self-esteem. Damages the psyche! It’s almost as if we were INVISIBLE! As if you don’t even EXIST to them anymore which at times, might seem THE blessing. One even begins to believe they have NO VALUE.

But I assure WE DO HAVE VALUE and we are WORTHY of the assistance we are asking for in this fundraising effort.

Most of who know us would say we are bright, talented, hard -working, spiritual and caring individuals. As a couple,one employer described us as dynamic. Our pets think we are pretty AWESOME too. We have a handful of GOOD friends who have been good to us and to whom we have been good to. Together and separately, we have been active in the community, have done volunteer work. Enjoyed success, hob-knobbed with the elite and at one time made it to everyone’s guest list socially. Ron has never had children of his own, but I gave birth to two children. Raised another as my own. We are grandparents. We are the nice people down the block who mind their own business and quietly go about their lives unless called upon.

All of which NOW means dittle squat! Money, Mnoey, Money! It causes so many problems. It changes people. But so neccesary in the real world.

Which is the reason we found it necessary to appeal to the public in this medium.

The hardest thing I think on this journey is assessing a monetary goal. It’s like trying to value ourselves in dollar and cents. I find it nearly impossible BUT I am going to attempt it here.

Ideally, $3000.00 is a realistic figure. This WILL NOT pay ALL of our debts off, but it will stop the bleeding and put us back on the road to recovery.

If we were able to raise that money it would no doubt be life-changing for us, we would pay two or three months mortgage payments, take care of the home maintenance ( we so desperately need) it would buy us a second-hand washer, pay current and past due utility bills. We would also have the money we need to rent a truck and move the contents of our thrift store into storage. The rest, we’d use for gas in our vehicle ( I call it running money) so we could get to and from job interviews and such. AND that my FRIENDS , would make the DIFFERENCE between sinking, and swimming.

Now saying that, I realize that it is very unlikely that one belevolent soul is going to come along and hand us a check for this amount, no questions asked. But I do think it is feesible IF enough people, were willing to do a little, in a short amount of time, this goal could be met.

Do you know, the $ 125.00 that we raised as a result of this fundraiser has made the difference between us eating and not? IT HAS!

So please NEVER underestimate your ability, to help someone ( whether it be us, someone closer to home, whoever)

To give you a little more perspective about our immediate needs . I know $15.00 will feed us for 2-3 days. $40.00 will feed us for about 5 days. $75.00 will feed us quite well for a week , $25.00 will pay a water bill. $184 will get our car insurance reinstated ( it lapsed on the 17th due to non payment ) $125.00 will buy us another week with the people who hold our mortgage. $431.87, will pay one, monthly mortgage payment. $144.00 will pay a light bill.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please email us at : I will gladly disclose pertinent information to who would like, and in a position to help us. You can also get many of your questions answered by visiting the RED TABS pages section across the top of the page. Click on our donate page for several options on how you can help .

IF you can do nothing else, THANK YOU as always for LIKING, FOLLOWING and SHARING this blog with your friends and on your social media pages. WE need all the exposure we can get at this point. After all, this is all about numbers isn’t it?

Ok, enough said. I’m stepping down off my soap box now 😉

Thanks to all and to all, I wish you a WONDERFULLY, BLESSED DAY!

~ Cheryl

Photographs and Memories


This is my Ron, when we were first setting up shop at the thrift store in the fall of last year.

I added some photos today. Located on second row , RED tabs, PAGES Section

They are of home, of us, and of work places in property management.

If you are interested, please take a quick peek. I will eventually have to remove some that include family members for privacy reasons.


RE: All But Homeless ( a word from C. )

The All But Homeless blog was created on April 17, 2013 as part of a personal fund-raisng effort to help us recover from financial devastation.


As of this post on May 17, 2013 , just over $100 dollars has been raised ( or equivalent, as help has come in other forms ) as a direct result of this online presence.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who is supporting us in one way or another.

If you’d like to help or want more information about us , please visit the RED TABS section across the top of our blog.

Thanks always for LIKING, FOLLOWING, and SHARING our story on your Facebook and other social media pages.

Even that is a HUGE help! Truly!

~ C

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